Another one of those nutrient problems-Pic-Please help

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  1. Heres a pic...
    plants almost 3 weeks old.
    I read the first thread in this forum, about mobile and immobile elements, so I'm under the impression that the problem is an immobile element, but its young and all the leaves are showing problems. I think that the first leaves, which were yellowing at the edges and are drying out a bit now, may be a phosphorus related issue. However the new growth looks fine at the edges, but is a sickly light green on the inside... maybe boron/zinc (the only immobile nutrients I know of).
    The middle set has issues too, with the tips of the razors.... calcium deficiency?
    Any insight? Anything is appreciated.
    Thanks guys.

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  2. forget what I said about the new growth. Just seems like its lighter because its younger. But still need help with the first two segments, if anybody can help.
    Thanks guys.

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