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  1. A lot of people post these so I though i'd post mine. I picked it up for a little under $50 because it was on sale. Whether it's a good deal or not i'm not sure but i'm happy to finally have some glass. I really like it.
    I'm still thinking of a name
    CAM00095.jpg CAM00096.jpg
    I've been on a weird form of probation for the last six months but that's a whole story in its self. Anyway I haven't smoked for quite a while because of this probation but I took a piss test like 3 days ago and I expect to not be tested for 3-4 weeks from now so I decided to smoke a little. I called up my buddy and he got me a gram of some kill and I set my eyes on this pipe at the smoke shop the very same day.
    I loaded up my first bowl in many, many months and took some rather harsh hits just because I haven't smoked in so long. It felt like I was milking a monster hit from a bong, but I was really only hitting a little pipe. It really reminded me of when I first started smoking.
    Anyway, I was really high & had a great time. My time with Mary Jane was very enjoyed but that gram of bud is gone and I need to stay clean now. I may visit her sometime again in the distant future.

  2. Word dude! She's dope. I'm not gunna give you name suggestions because I firmly beleive the owner should decide while blasted off of it. But it's very dope and that sucks ass you've been on probo

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  3. looks pretty sick!
    is it a lefty pipe? cause it looks like it'd be weird lighting it from the right hand?
  4. Gorgeous colors! That's a great price for my area. Pieces like that go for $65 (maybe $50 if it's on sale). 
    As for name, Iris (Goddess of the Rainbow), would be cute, considering it's so colorful!
  5. like the shape!
    Purple Rain.
  6. badass pipe, call it clit tickler
  7. Purple haze

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  8. Ha, I like some of the names. Keep 'em coming.
    Yea it took me about 5 seconds to figure out how to hit it but after that it felt natural. Really, you could use it in your right or left hand but I always used my left to hold, and right to light. Oh, and two last pictures after her bath!
    CAM00101.jpg CAM00102.jpg
    Thanks  :bongin:
  9. Sorry it has a kicked bowl. Just took it after a bowl a while back.

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