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Another N00B question on tolerance.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BudBoy604, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Alright, so...

    Everyday this summer (excluding random days of boredom) me and my homie smoked about a quarter Oz (we cop free cuz my homeboy grows NY diesel, P. kush and g-force).

    Pipes in july, joints and blunts in august.

    Here's the kicker : I started smoking pot THIS YEAR. So, has my tolerance shot up? Or is it something else.

    Additional: I've been on a t-break since last friday, and then two other 3 day breaks before that. I'm also told that it's not how long you break, but how much you smoke after the break because bowls are better to stick with due to efficiency and joints will just raise the tolerance.

    And yes, I googled a bit before making this :p
  2. after having smoked so much weed you should be able to tell if your tolerance is higher or not.
  3. does your homeboy really grow?
    and you always get free weed
    and smoke a quarter a day

  4. ...Why would I make it up, to seem cool on a forum? lol I'm just lookin' for help, not e-rep.

    It doesn't matter - the only reason I brought it up is because I know SOMEONE would be like "save your money!" or something.... though, saving money's great, and to however may've thought of saying it - thanks man haha.
  5. Yeah your tolerance definitely went up. Only naturaaal.
  6. word, starrting t break tmr
  7. Yes your tolerance has risen or your friends weed got worse. A t-break means cut off from the substance for at least a week but a month is recommended IMO. If you smoke even a bowl while on t-break it's doesn't work too well.

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