Another male/female question...trying to sex these **PICS**

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  1. Into week 1 of flower in my grow in the sig...37 days since the seeds popped.

    The canopy is ~12" tall in my grow after 1 topping and light trimming before putting into flower.

    3 of the 11 plants have these little balls with a stem attached coming off the stem area where I topped. At the tip of the scissors, NOT the two green hairs coming off the stem. It's about the size of a ball point pen, tried to zoom in as much as my 10MP cam would allow...

    Are these the calyxes?

    View attachment 955116

    Up close, circled
    View attachment 955117
  2. looks like a sack starting, but I cant say for sure.
  3. nothing to tell yet... keep watching
  4. I'll just keep updating this thread then as things develop. :wave:

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