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another "is it laced thread" but a desent reason

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toughtoke21, May 21, 2010.

  1. so i havent smoked for 2 months, but last time i did, it was some really good stuff. i smoked it for about a week till i ran out and havent smoked sence. but ever sence then, thing have been difforant. like whenever i read something, ill skip over words, confuse words with other words, mix them up, or have to read something like 5 times before i understand even a simple sentence. also when i type, i could be like typeing a word, trying to type the first letter of the word and end up typeing the last letter. also im very forgetfull more than usual.

    also whenever i smoked it, whenever i would exhale, i sware i could smell a really strong, vinigary, iodiney smell. i started feeling and acting like this when i first started smoking it and it got worse thoruhgout the week i smoked it. and now 2 months later, im still feeling and doing this sorta stuff.

    could my stuff have had something in it that messed me up a little?
  2. Damn i think you were laced dude. It shouldn't fuck with you when your not high.
  3. #3 TwistedFreak, May 21, 2010
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    People wont waist there money, and if you did no drug will last a month trust your fine.

    weed just does this too people it makes you forgetful.:rolleyes:
  4. i dont know dude thats really weird. laced shit doesnt happen often.
    and i dont want to tell you its in your head but a lot of times it is.
    you might just be freaking yourself out a little. i dont know man.
  5. damn, atleast i can still function and think propperly and stuff, it mostly just comes to reading and typeing and occasionaly forget something but thats it.
  6. well the thing is i really havent thoguht much of it till resently. i couldent figure out why i was like this till a few days ago i sorta connected the dots and realized it dident start doing this till i smoked last. but before then, it never even crossed my mind
  7. maybe you're dyslexic
  8. Economically speaking, a dealer will NEVER lace weed.
  9. Damn I sure as hell hope that shit was laced because you can't spell for shit! I really hope you aren't 18.
  10. you smoked youself stupid. welcome to my world. youll get used to it then it wont happen no more. its from smoking so much then stoping. you might have came into bud that wasnt flushed.
  11. #11 TwistedFreak, May 21, 2010
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    Dude no reason to be a dick!
    OP did say this was messing with his typing skills rite, or did you not pay attention to that..
    I mean who hopes sombody gets laced bud, what kinda fellow blade are you?

    -rep next time think before you type.. :wave:
  12. getting laced weed is very unlikely, and when it is its usually not laced with another drug but something to make the weed look better(hairspary and whatnot) or weigh more to make more money. now that can be pretty unhealthy, but more likely is that those things you described happen to everyone and you just now are paying so much attention to them. its all in your head

    on the other hand, "difforant"? "vinigary"??haha that shit must have been laced broo:rolleyes:

  13. this is what i thought to...

    but idk it all could be in your head, like you're psyching yourself out....

    honestly though idk......

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