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  2. I am doing avery similar build with my brother. and yes i did jump the gun and start germinating..... visited a local shop (brew & grow) and am learning a lot....
    I want to have 4 rooms - 1. closet under stairs for seedlings/ clones 3x5x3 ( In the process of insulating/cleaning... - 2. veg. room growing area size is 4x8x7 (room is roughly 4x9x7) - 3. flowering room growing area size is 4x8x7 (room is roughly 4x9x7) 4. vent/ utility/ dry/ manicure room. --- All concealed in 1 bedroom. I am currently using random seeds now just planted yesterday. I am almost complete with construction of the first room. (pics included) I have been researching this for years and am so excited to start!!! - I want to have a cycle of harvest.... Is this the best way to go about it??

    First time gardener - sorry for the newbie questions...
    1 - What is the most amount of plants I can get in the 4x8x8 growing areas under 2 600w hps's in each room.
    2 - Is it best to have a total of 4 600 hps lights? or should I vary with halides or 1000 watts?
    3 - im using random seeds now & i really want to invest in quality... any help on the most discreet & inexpensive companies??
    4. Is a GE Fluorescent ( Cool Light) w/ 3350 lumens better than the GE Fluorescent (Plant) w/ 1900 lumens?
    5. how many plants can i get into a 4x8x7 ft. space?
    6. will a 6in hvac system be sufficient?
    7. Do I have to worry about exhausting air from the seed room to the veg to the flowering room?

    Thanks for your time & all your help..... I've got a lot of time on my hands after being laid off......
  3. Blackfly!! Look at you!! Congrats on a new thread, and a new grow operation!

    That looks like a very nice area to build out, indeed. I have subscribed...I want to watch your progress!!

    Congrats again!!
  4. If money isn't really that important, I'd go with 2 - 1000W HPS for flowering. Each air cooled (closer) 1000W light (in my experience) only has a primary coverage area of about 4x4... with a 4x8 room, you could use the extra light. I'm using 2 in my room and I don't know how I ever grew without both of them.... my room is 10x8.
  5. Thanks again for everyones help
    - money IS an issue...
    - still need to buy wood & material to construct the veg/flower rooms.
    -I am trying to determine the most efficiant use of space and light. I also want a max yield per sq. foot.??
    - I am thinking about how big to construct the grow boxes inside each room while still having room to move...
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    progress is slow with no money...... all bagseed from my past collections of quality herb. 21 in total at about week 5. trying to get some cash for 1.... then 2... 600 hps with hortilux bulbs to veg these ladies (hopefully most ladies). pictures of my 3 rooms in progress... doing most of the work myself, and so far only spent about 100 dollars on material/supplies for the rooms, taking my time finding what i can as free or cheap as possible. any and all help is appreciated - this is my first time!

    1st pic is the entrance in the room - was a basement bedroom. 2nd pic is just as you walk in - the wall w/ door is not up yet so you can see the veg/ flower rooms divided. 3rd is closet next to veg room. then inside the closet. The two black circles is the old window changed to wood painted black with two 6in intake holes for fresh air...........

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  7. replies...???? questions.. comments.. concerns......

    This is my first time jumping into all this, any and all help/support is greatly appreciated.

    Anyway progress continued today - for me ( a couple weak job interviews) but I scored two 400 watt hps w/ reflectors/ ballasts and bulbs from a fellow greenthumb for 150$ off craigslist. my buddy also stopped by with over a hundred in supplies w/ his company card . (NICE!) just took a break from work.... doing this basically on my own. my house .... still nervous. anyway enough rambling on to the questions. -. -

    1. How often do I need to bring fresh air in/ run intake fans/ exhaust bad air out/ through exhaust. remember i want the most inexpensive/quality everything. ( I have two separated 350cfm ropms) I would rather not exhuast in the day.... I am planning a carbon filter/ and setting up a ona block in my ducting before exhausting out the chimney.
    2. Suggestions on good, inexpensive, but quality - carbon filters/fans/ona?
    3. I have a small co2 tank - whats a good, inexpensive, but quality timer, etc....
    4. I see these expensive timers, enviormental contals, etc... really nesesary?

    I just introduced my new 400watt hps into the closet keeping most floros for diff. spectrums & to help the plants adjust.?.? right? pics included... I think i spotted a male and yanked that prick before he screwed my ladies!

    Again This is my first time jumping into all this, any and all help/support is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU ALL

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  8. Scored 2 more lights.... cheap!!!! pics posted -they look like industrial 400watt hps w/ attached ballasts.
    1. I was wondering if/ & how to separate the ballast from the reflector and bulb?
    2. can i use a metal halide 400watt bulb w/ an hps setup? or how can i tell what kind of bulb i need if/when i need to replace?

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  9. Class? Anyone? Anyone?.............Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?
  10. Look on ebay for conversion bulbs, and there should be an ID tag on the ballast of that light that says what bulb/wattage to use in the fixture.
    I would not try to seperate the socket from the ballast on those lights, It would look really bad if you had to call the fire department to put out your house full of illegal plants.
  11. week 7 update... pics... Ive moved the seedlings out of the closet into the veg room.... pulled only 2 males so far .. I have no money so construction on this project is slow but I am getting a lot of great stuff for free... I have currently 1 400HPS , 1 400 Metal halide and two different spectrum cfl's trying to figure out how to get another 400 HPS in... - I built two of the ONA/soil moist bucket fans for fresh linen smell.... I had a good idea to turn the soil moist canister into a mini ona filter by drilling holes into it like the bucket and placing in the duct before it exhausts. I am also waiting to get the cash for 2 carbon filters from foothill filters ( and 2 6 in can or vortex fans.... I also have a co2 tank but no way to properly release and control it. any inexpensive ideas??
    - Please any and all help is appreciated - this is my first time doing all this and its a bit overwhelming at times...

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  12. when would the best time to transplant to bigger pots? its the middle of week seven since i started the seeds... This is the soil/ pots/ nutes...

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    420 update - week 10 - 1st grow....all transplanted 18 females -expecting 2 more weeks of veg ... finishing up flower room now... need cash for fans, filters, co2.... and ill be set. since im growing off all bagseed every strain is probably different but 2 plants seem to be auto flowering in the veg cycle.?? any comments concerns???? whens the best time to try to take clones?

    -anybody listening to me????

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  14. take some now!
  15. trying to do what i can being broke and employed...

    - whats a good cheap way to use a 30/40/50/ gallon tub/barrel with a water pump and spray hose????
    - was looking into two foothill carbon filters -"624" ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER/SCRUBBER- & 2 6in vortex fans to exhaust & 2 - 4in vortex fans to bring in fresh air in
    - also looking into inexpensive/quality air conditioner/heater/humidifier for each 350cfm room(veg & Flower)
    - - also looking into inexpensive/quality c02 for each 350cfm room(veg & Flower) possibly Green Air Products CD-6 CO2 generator & Air-3 controller
  16. room looks good. keep us posted with more pics

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