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  1. Yeah so I'm in this gay girl dilemma. My girlfriend now has gotten to the point where she is just too clingy. We've been going out for two months and she is pretty convinced we're going to last forever. I'm in college and she wants every free minute of time I have and whenever I try to tell her I need a minute with my friends, she gets all dramatic and said.

    So this is where it gets a little more complicated. I know I want to end it with her, I just don't know how and if I should wait until I get back to school. That won't be for like another week. I also am interested in a girl that is sooo hot and I've been best friends with forever. She wants to hangout all the time and shit and I don't want to be sneaking around. I just need some advice, and if you don't think your opinion matters, you're wrong. I'm all ears blades.
  2. tell her you are gay now and you cant keep seeing her.
  3. fuck her a couple more times, im talking kinky shit, some of the best sex youll ever have. then dump her.
    It's what i am currently doing with my girlfriend.
  4. Damn Id love to fuck a couple lesbians
  5. If you wanna leave her dude just do it now lol
  6. I'm glad you're a decent enough guy to end your relationship before starting something else.

    End it early if you don't feel like it is something you want to be committed to.
  7. Start being a dick, make her dump you.
  8. Just do what previous blades have said, seriously. Or ask for a threesome, if you have nothing to lose, milk it, milk it like a motherfucker.
  9. Dude...make a video before you end it. I've done this on two occasions...unfortunately they deleted the evidence right after. It may not look like the internet pr0nz that you see, but you will be able to relive the magic for your entire life. You'll be able to look back on it and go DAMN I used to be able to move like that. Or show it to your wife in the future and be like look baby, thats how I looked naked when I was just a lad, banging mopeds for practice.

    Ah man...I really miss having sex with girls that aren't jailbait. Unfortunately it seems like I'm jailbait bait :(. LEAVE ME ALONE 16 AND 17 YR OLD GIRLS I DONT WANT NO PRISON LUV!. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  10. i hear aren't the only one

    don't wanna end up here lol:

  11. Loose her. its been two months, not two years.

    Get it over with as soon as possible, that way you can (hopefully) get things started with the dime piece you were talking about.

    420th post :)

  12. You right, you right haha thats a good point and congrats, thanks everyone for the input. Gotta dump this biiitch ahahha
  13. Hit her with the old

  14. Thanks everyone and that last post was hilarious hahah anyway I just dumped her, now Im gonna see how things go with my old high school crush

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