Another Gday From Perth, Wa Thread.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by defektif, May 19, 2013.

  1. Hey guys long time "caretaker"/smoker, and been prowling the forums for a while giggling at a lot of the senseless but hilarious rants available.
    I'll start a journal of something I found soon, hps+ no name heavy and violent bud in coco. Also seem to have stumbled across some feminized white widow and Big Bang 2 seeds, a couple of which will make the next grow.
    Not chasing "hook ups", but im keen to learn of more perthies that love a good burner or bubbler.

  2. G'day! The south coast in WA is one of my favorite places on this planet. Hello from up in Darwin!
    Welcome to the city, dude! Hope to see you around. :smoke:
  3. Cheers man, yea I love it here, everything I need close by and always plenty to do. Haven't had a chance to explore oz yet other then living in tassie for 2 years... But that doesn't count... More like a 2 year bush bud blur. Would love to get up north some day soon.
    If you're ever in the neighbourhood look me up for a cuppa.
  4. hey welcome to u too braj, glad to see other people in perth like to smoke
  5. Yay more people from Perth, good to know there are always those who appreciate the herb out in this urban sprawl of ours. Welcome!
  6. Is every Aussie on GC from Perth, or what? I feel so lonely way up here :laughing:

    Hoping to get down there for a little surf and shenanigans in the near future.
  7. Lol it's a sign man, I swear!
  8. Peeeeeerth <3
  9. Hell yea, 6000 represent!

  10. I seriously thought Perth was a Game Of Thrones city. I'm slow forgive me.
  11. my american gps lady pronounces it parth 
  12. what what! i'm in maryland now, but i went to uni in perth back in 07! studied abroad for a few months. best time of my life! miss it so much!
  13. i just got here and cant score weed for shit, hating this place without it :(

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