Another funny bud bad story for all tha stoners

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smokez, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. K so me and my buddy drive up to our normal blazing spot.. He gets this killer bubble hash thats just rips your lungs apart.. So we make around 3 hash/weed joints blaze that shit up and hotbox the car. Anyways this was at about 4.. We drive back to his house to chill and eat and shit.. Ya i know it was close to 4:20 but we were totally ripped we forgot all about it.. Anyways we are drivin down this street RIGHT AFTER the hotbox, and we get pulled over by the FUCKIN PIGS.. So im getitn pretty scared here and the dick comes to the window, starts askin us questions etc.. Were pretty good infront of people high so we just tell him whats up.. He tells us the car smells like weed, but we said we had just been smokin cigarettes.. Im sittin in there thinkin what to do as the cop comes back to our car, i look at the time and its 4 : 19 and im like SHIT.. i just wait for it, my buddies phone (Razor) hits 4 20, and the classic : Because i got high came on.. The cop heres that shit pulls us out of the car, searches it.. He gets 2 grams of chronic, missest he hash and misses 2 roaches on the dashboard.. we drive away with a warning.. it was pretty trippy, but all in good fun :)
  2. so you got searched b/c of an alarm tone? hmm

    sucks about the snag, im glad youre not down about it.
  3. i think the cop knew we were blazin, but he was gonna let us off just cuz we were actin so normal about it, i guess the alarm set him off lol, pretty gay huh.. Nah i wasnt to down about it, he gets all his chronic and hash for free so its all good, but i hate COPS COPS COPS
  4. Hehe, that's great.
    Your buddy's alarm on 4:20 is "bcuz i got high"? Wow. I want someone like that.
    Glad you guys got to keep your hash and roachies though. And just a warning too, cool shit.
  5. Sounds like he illegally searched you then just stole your shit...
  6. Cops can do whatever the fuck they want. Espescially if it smells like pot in the car, they have reason to search.
  7. I'm with Spooky, I got searched for smelling like weed, it's enough probable cause for them apparantely :(
  8. They dont even need to smell anything. In the U.S cops dont need warrants or anything to search cars.:mad:

  9. They have to have probable cause, the smell of weed is probable cause.
  10. I watched the vid that wykid posted and its seems pretty legit. a cop is only allowed to search your car if you consent or he sees something like weed or paraphernelia or some shit
  11. yeah i watched that too. i havent ever had an "encounter" or anything but that sum good shit to know.

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