Another DIY HLG...or not

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  1. Can I power 4x 132 boards with a 320H-2100A?

    I want to build/buy a new light and have a couple extra drivers.
    I know I can power the 120’s with the 240H, but the 132 is bigger and I assume a better spread/diffusion.

    I was hoping to try one out to compare to my 288’s, plus they’re super cheap and available on Amazon. Should I not bother? I have no issues with the 288, just always up for something new to experiment with. Should I just go for the HLG 260 and call it good? This will be for a mainly flower, sometimes veg tent 20”x36”. I’ll probably never hit 200 watts, but like the spread and low heat of under-driven fixtures. My 135 is running full blast trying to hit 40k lux across the tent, putting out heat and killing my efficiency. I’m going to give it to my wife for her first grow. She’s really excited.

    Maybe I could go with rapidled, optic, or a different cob set up? I just got an Electric Sky 180 to try out. Unfortunately, not being able to remote drive it will be a deal breaker, as the heat output at 150 watts at the wall took my tent to 95, whereas my 135 being remotely driven at full blast would sit at 88-89 at the same time/ambient temp. I will say that the plants absolutely love it, but it’s not for me in my environmental conditions.

    I like the idea of cobs, but I don’t see the buzz around cobs as I do boards, especially in tent grows. I think the optimal set up would require white leds, fr/ir, and uv incorporated into it. Sounds like a high end blurple. Maybe optic 2?

  2. Yes 4boards is right at 300watts

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  3. You could drive 2 of the 96s with the 320h. They have more on the way of spectrum than the all white or even the r-spec
  4. Is it even worth it for my size tent? I thought about it, but thought it seemed a bit overkill. I figure I would have to raise the light height to get proper spread, which means driving the boards harder, which means more heat and less efficiency. I have no experience with either of these boards though, so these are just my highdeas.

    Do you figure 2 96’s would be superior to 4 120’s at equivalent wattages in my 20”x36” tent? How much heat would the 4 120’s put out vs the 2 96’s if I’m running at >200 watts? I will be remote driving these, since the Electric Sky experience.

    By the way, my plants love the spectrum of the Electric Sky. It looks a little dim and the plants don’t “pray” the same way as quantum board/white light, but I’m seeing great veg growth after 2 days compared to my 135 run at the same wattage (~150w, 135 max).
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    Believe it or not the little 96s do an amazing job of spreading light. I don't run any 120s , but I have some 288s and the heat vs. output is very close to the same.
    Really any of these boards we have discussed are good lights and you cant go wrong.

    I run 2 96s in a 2×3
  6. Do some f series with 240
  7. Have a look at this light. also quantum board design. No need to DIY, plug and play.
  8. Too long for my 36” tent. I think the 150 is a bit underpowered for my tent, as I would need to drive it full power for flower. Running it at higher capacities adds heat, and with a mounted driver, I don’t see how this will be better than my ES180 running at 165w.

    Btw, as an update, my plants fucking love the spectrum. I just can’t deal with the heat of the mounted driver. I am attempting to run ac a bit more and cool the “lung room” as soon as the sun goes down, but I think I will probably return this before the 3 month guarantee, probably within the month, or as soon as I can decide on a replacement. Hopefully amazon doesn’t try to give me shit.

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