Another day in the life of KSR...

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  1. You know how i roll.

    Woke up, Straight up onto that paper trail today.

    Fuckin, First things first i had to get up some money because i owed money.

    Came up with what i needed and ended up with $3 extra. I was gon go buy a pack of newport 100's from my mans cuz he has $3 packs.

    But i was walkin towards my crib when my ***** Lil Gordy seen me, He jus got outta school. Fools 14 and a straight G hustla.

    He had a sack, Smoked a blunt with me. I told him id be back.

    Got to the crib, Had to pay what i owed and checked the message and my homie i aient heard from in like 6 months hollad at me.

    So i called him, He said he on that paper trail tip. I asked if he had some greens and he did, He told me to come by. So we met up at this park and went to his crib.

    Get there, And soon as we hit his yard some fool driving down the street opened his damn mouth.

    Its me n charles my boy, Then dave runs out the crib, Daves charles cousin. This ***** a straight set trip banger. Hes a straight gang banger. Ruthless.

    Dave runs this *****s car down and chases him and the car squeels out like some bithcs outta sight.

    We get into the crib, And immediatley start breakin down herb.

    Charles rolled a blunt and i told him id throw him $3 on the blunt. We smoke it, Dave rolles up a blunt and we smoke it, Then charles rolles up a blunt and we smoke it.

    We swillin on some 40's of OE and kickin it like the olde days.

    Dave had to leave, On that paper trail.

    So me n charles went to the garage to shoot pool, Smoke another blunt and swill the 40's.

    We do that for awhile, Then its onto the paper trail.

    He got fat sacks for sale right now.

    So we walk awhile to a pay phone and start callin fools. Ended up with a deal set up.

    We walk back to his crib and his pops at the crib and started trippin.

    So charles hit me up with 3 bags to go give away for the call we jus made.

    And handed me 7 more to get rid of.

    So he hit me up on that paper trail and i was outtie.

    Im on bike rollin with 10 bags in my pocket, Each weighs 3 grams of some skunky herb.

    Im almost to these apartments where im supposed to make this deal when i see a po-po jus posted up in this parking lot, Which is right next to the trail to the apartments.

    Im posted up, Wearin blue n black, Had banged to the right, Flag banged to the right, I figured fuck im bout to have to run from these fools.

    I act like i aient even seen him and dissapeared into the apartments.

    Went in and watched behind me n aient seen nuttin so went to my boys apartment, Gave him his shit. He smoked a blunt with me.

    I got outtie, And i come out the same trail and now theres a cop and a K9 posted there. Grimmin me leaving and i cant act like i dont see them because the trails leads right towards them and they right infront of me.

    Im hustin uot on bike, Nod my head at them, And ride off in the street. I road illegaly in the street jus to fuck with them, This way they think if he had shit on him hed be super cautious, No purpouse on stoppin him if he jus doni something petty illegal like riding in the street.

    So i was bookin home.

    On the way home i see a cop posted by my boys block, A few more blockes and im at mine, Right before i turn on my block, One block down a K9 is rollin past and almost stopped in the middle of the street when he seen me, And hit the pedal to the medal. Im like oh shit, I seen him take off quick like hes bout to go down one block and turn around and come get me.

    I petaled fast as fuck to my crib, Hid the bike in the back and ducked around to the side door and went up in the crib.

    I had 7 bags on me then and i woulda been in some shit.

    Anyways, I was straight.

    Now its 10:00PM. I got rid of all the bags, My pockets are lined. Feels good.

    Only got like a gram of herb though. But its all good.

    Tommrow im gettin rid of all those VCRs/CD players and tv's.

    More money in my pocket.

    Sad thing is none of it i get to enjoy, All going towards bills.

    But damn its nice havin a fat pocket.

    Aight now time to :smoking: :wave:
  2. damn what a life, its almost like it could me a story line for a movie
  3. And to end it.


    I fuckin miss this song.

    Used to bump it daily with the ol crew. And got back together with charles today which is one of the memebrs of the ol crew and he bumped it and i got it again.

    Listenin to it again.

    Z-Ro -Swisha Sweet Smoke

    'Ima get a box of swishers from out the store and be right back, Roll a swisha as fat as a finga and light that, Hydro, Skunk and pine, Ya know i like that, The influence of sticky, Theres no need to fight back..'
  4. Jesus, your story had my heart pounding with the cops... hah. Glad to see you're safe!
  5. that was awesome writing man.
  6. so you sell these bags and get free smoke?
  7. i noticed you guys had a lot of "paper trail" breaks. whats your hustle(s)? just flippin bags?
  8. And make profits.

    Naa man, Everything you can think of. Anything i can get my hands on, I turn into profits.
  9. always a good read KSR.

    i was going to say, if you aren't on flipping bags, how can you afford to smoke so many blunts in a day.

    but i now see that you are.
  10. ksr,

    are you a crip?

    back in hs, we had a bunch of blood/crip tensions going on. i hung out with both groups because they could give me good hookups and i guess that though it was cool i was the only white dude with enough balls to roll with them.

    although i hung out with this one group of bloods the most, i always enjoyed crips the most. they are cool, chill people. one thing i liked about them is that they didn't go out instigating shit and fucking with people. they cleaned up their neighborhood quite a bit (there were these elderly people who lived on the block who got burglerized a few times and these boys literally had people watching there house 24/7 out of respect cause they were old. they actually caught some people in the middle of the night once. it sounded like the 4th of july once those fuckers got run up on. they got away though, the boyz didn't want to kill them they just wanted to scare them)

    seriously though, there hood was a better place because of them.

    i think you made a mistake when you rode your bike illegally in the road in front of the cops.
    based on what i've read, the po would then have the right to stop and conduct a search on you which would not have been good.

    when you are holding and you see/encounter a cop, don't be a smartass or try to fuck with him. he already doesn't like you because you are black and you are a teenager (i am assuming you are under 20; forgive me if i'm wrong). upsetting him under these circumstances could result in you having a very, very bad day.
  11. A day in the life of KSR, whenver I see that I get excited. Your stories are always great when I'm high. The way you right it down, I feel like its really happening to me. Stay safe out there man, like I know you will:cool:

  12. I don't think hes black .... or a crip
  13. Sick story, does sound movie-like, but chill nonetheless.

    One thing I don't get, is that you said you walked or rode by a K9 unit after you just smoked 3 blunts... Yesterday I smoked 1 blunt with my bro's and there was a k9 unit parked right next to my car. When I walked by the car the dog went fucking crazy. Barking at me and growling and shit, I was scared to death.
  14. x2 almost 100% postive hes white and i remember him sayin hes not actually in any gang, just chills with alot of em
  15. I know for a fact he's white....go look in the "dare to post your pic?" thread.
    Anyways sounds like you had a busy day KSR. Nothing new to you though
  16. yeah man you could turn this shit into a book and make alota money.
  17. ^^just another hustle for KSR...

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