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another crazy night with the cops

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RenegadeReefer, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. first off i apologize in advance if i don't make too much sense because im really baked and pretty drunk. i don't know if you guys read the last thread i made but it's turning out to be a good weekend because tonight was pretty crazy too.

    me and a handful of friends were chilling at my house having some drinks and just chilling listening to music. a couple months ago one night when me and my friend were bored we went on craigslist and bought a pocket bike (if you don't know what that is look it up, but it looks like a really miniature motorcycle. tonight when we started to get bored we decided to take the pocket bikes to a parking lot near my house.. i rolled a joint before we left and was smoking it at the train station. and i also had about a gram on me, a few roaches, papers, my grinder and a lighter as well.

    so i guess we stayed too long and someone who lived in the area got fed up with the noise of the pocket bike (they're really loud haha, and it's about 12:30am so most people are sleeping) and they called the cops. so while my friend was zipping around the big parking lot on this bike (going close to 50mph or so) we see a car approach from down the street. we're trying to see if it looks like a cop or not because the pocket bikes are pretty illegal especially if you're drunk and don't have a helmet or license, and we realize it is a cop!

    so i wave my friend down and yell COPS and he realizes what's going on (the cops are rolling up on us at this point) and my friend leaps off the bike and we just SPTRINT out of the parking lot hoping fences at full speed until we got back to my backyard. it was a wicked adrenaline rush especially when blazed.

    we lay low at my house for a while and then decide to go back to the parking lot to see if the cops were hiding it out to see if we would come back for the bike (we figured they took it but we decided to go back to see if it was there just in case.) so we approach the parking lot stealthily, and we see that there's no cops and the bike and our can of gas/2 stroke motor oil was still there! so we wheeled it back to my house cautiously and we made it back home free!

    so i still have the pocket bike and now i'm just rolling another joint and posting this story.. ill probably chill out for a bit and then go to bed.

    another good night :smoking:
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    Haha. They bugged your pocket bike and they're tracking you now.

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