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Another celeb busted!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 24, 2003.

  1. 'Jackass' Star Arrested
    May 23, 9:23 AM EST

    STOCKHOLM (AP) -- A star of MTV's "Jackass" was arrested in Sweden after admitting he swallowed a condom filled with marijuana, police said Friday.

    Stephen Glover - known as Steve-O on the now defunct series on the American cable channel - was arrested Thursday after police raided his hotel room in Stockholm. Glover, along with other "Jackass" regulars, had performed their "Don't Try This At Home" show in the Swedish capital Wednesday night.

    Prosecutor Gunnar Fjaestad said the raid happened after Glover said he swallowed the condom as a stunt.

    Glover could face charges of narcotics smuggling and possession of illegal drugs. A detention hearing is scheduled for the weekend and a judge will decide if Glover should be kept in jail while prosecutors prepare any charges.

    A call seeking comment from Glover's public relations company wasn't immediately returned.

    On his Web site, Glover, 28, wrote that he swallowed the condom and was "stoned as can be and overjoyed with the success of 'Poo Rubber 2.'" The entry was dated May 22.

    Fjaestad said police took an X-ray of Glover's body found a "foreign object" in his stomach. Police also found an ecstasy pill along with more marijuana in his hotel room.

    Even possession of small amounts of drugs can lead to prison time in Sweden, which has some of the strictest drug laws in Europe. Violators can be given fines or sentenced to prison.

    Fjaestad said Glover's alleged violations were especially serious because young people look up to him and other members of the MTV show, which is still aired on MTV Europe.

    "Someone in his position should know better," Fjaestad said.

    In the United States, prosecutors dropped obscenity charges against Glover in March after he donated $5,000 to a battered women's fund and promised to never perform in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.

    Police there said Glover broke obscenity laws by dropping his pants to his knees and stapling his scrotum to his inner thigh
  2. I doubt it was a stunt, he probably just sayin that to cover up the fact that hes a stoner.

  3. you could NOT do jackass enless you were stoned out of your mind...its just a fact of life.
  4. ^^^ thats true.. thats the fun of it, is being STONED!.. lmao
  5. man that sucks steve o got caught. i love the show jackass.
  6. damn that sucks! god i wish weed was just legal already! i am gonna miss seeing him on the show!?!?
  7. lol, i saw that clip where he staples his balls to his thigh. he says "I'm thinking of stapling my balls to my thigh. I think it'll look cool."

    HAHA. He's totally lost the plot :D
  8. well good thing he's famous...a famous person going to jail for marijuana hahahhah NEVER , hell they get away with murder just cause their famous.

    I allways knew fools from jackass s moked , how could you do all that crazy shit and not be a stoner. Also on steve-o's video it shows im in a club high offa E lickin everyones nipples, so thats when i know for a fact.

    Only thing i hate is i wish he would have been more open bout the fact that he smoked , oh well cant blame him i guess.
  9. I hope he doesn't get in too much trouble. I love that show especially when I am high-really makes me LMAO! I agree that it was pretty obvious that they were on something during those stunts. Alot of them(the stunts) are so crazy and painful and you'd have to be on something to have the nerve to do that stuff.

    Good luck Steve-O!
  10. I heard him on Stern and he wouldnt shut up about being stoned out of his mind and how much better Orgasms are when your stoned. He was also talking about having religous expierences on PCP. I would love to smoke a fat blunt with steve-o!
  11. he might not have been in too much trouble here, but it happened in another country, and sweden has strict drug laws
  12. if you actually watch Jackass on a regular basis or have seen the movies you can tell by looking at the very obviously BLOODSHOT eyes!!!

    Gimme a break, Steve-O also pierced his ass cheeks together, and if you look at his eyes during that episode it's quite obvious he's been smokin something.... the movie they do some rather...painful...things to their balls too....they had to be stoned to come up with that shit....
  13. fuckin Steve- o :)

    ive seen the Steve O video "the career ender" and thats some crazy shit.. it shows him stapling his balls to his legs, and drink beer that was poured down some dudes ass crack.. then theres a part and he says "name that drug thats making me kiss everyone" ..and he goes around and trys to kiss everyone.. funny shit :p
  14. haha, in one of his earlier videos theres a clip of him drinking bong water, he's such a stoner

  15. NOW I REMEMBER! They stuck electrodes on their nuts and ZAPPED em! If you know what a TENS unit is I think that's what they used....

  16. actually... if ya watch the jackass movie on dvd...... in the bonus footage, they show him hitting a bowl.... evidance that they are burnouts..
  17. '

    Yeah, also on the Steve-o DVD it shows him hitting a bowl in his car.

  18. where in the special features do they show steve-o hitting a bowl? I looked for it, but I don't think it's there. The only thing from the jackass dvd that talks about weed that I have seen is after steve-o gets out of the water and says something like "good thing my weed wasn't in my pocket."

    I could be wrong, though.
  19. holy crap. cool!
  20. Bam is so mean to his parents and gets away with it because he is a professional skater and owns the house, which his parents also live in.

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