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another case of mold

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jmoney_sikxx, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. didnt notice it til i broke the nug apart a lil and took a closer look but definetely some wack shit. gonna try and get my money back tomorrow but this is a warning to all, take a close look at what your buying

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  2. shit, i hope you get your money back. that stuff isn't healthy
  3. ya i talked to my guy, he said he checked all the other nugs and didnt see anything.
    hes gonna meet me and i can either get another slice or my money back. it actually is dank besides the mold. if i get it ill post some better pictures, this was just quick before work becuase another friend that bought the same shit didnt believe me. he was all like " no man your retarded thats just crystals", well i proved him wrong.

  4. Sucks man. Hey if you get more pics, post them in my mold sticky ;) :wave:

    That white blotch in the photo looks like a big mold spot. Too bad.
  5. sucks. good luck. how much did it run you?
  6. got a nice dealer. i would throw him an extra $5 for generousity.
  7. i dont want to be mean but its your fault

    you probably come off to the dealer as some one they can either short/pinch or give u mids instead of the heads u paid for so he prob thought he could get his moldy weed of his hands through you. Always get the sac first, check it out, then pay

    buying and selling weed is like trading your snack packs in elementary school - THERE ARE NO GIVE BACKS

  8. You have the wrong dealers then. I've almost always had the option to return what I got if it wasn't good or I had a legit reason.

    Actually thinking back I think I've returned green to every one of my main dealers at some point or another. Only once over mold though.
  9. by putting " i dont want to be mean" in front of your post does not allow you to make assumptions about my case. For one, he sold this bud to alot of people in my grade and i was told it was dank(fuckin retards). then when i asked him what time he could meet me he said 12 45 but he was late and i had to get back to class at 1:05, at which point i gave it a quick look, smell and feel.

    spotting mold isnt always as easy as you think, even though this looks like a big patch i had to tear the nug in half for further inspection

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