Another BHO run

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Aeros, Jun 14, 2018 at 4:29 AM.

  1. So i've decided to run the rest of my last crop via bho open blast, just finished running 130g of shake/popcorn nug/sugar trim through a "magic bullet" food processor, i usually break everthing up by hand but was told to give this method a shot.

    Out of the 130g dried material i was able to fit 112.43 in my stainless tube ( NOT A CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM ) tube is around 1.5"-2" diameter and usually holds 56-75g of nug ( whole nugs ).

    I am about to place the packed column in the freezer for a few hours along witht he tane. I am using "Whip It" brand for this tun I have been using "Newport" brand for my last few runs with excellent results.

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  2. I have a dedicated food processor for busting up schwag. Nugs are harder to bust and they seem to float. Have a look at the book "cannabis alchemy" for some rocking ideas on concentrates.
  3. OVERPACKED.... Had a blowout anybody know a metod of filtering it i have a vac funnel/filter and flasks thinking of iso

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  4. strainer + alcohol. Use 99%
  5. It work out for you? You making honey oil or do you have one of those vacuum ovens? Love me some budder but I've never fucked with solvent extraction. Only bubble and sifting..

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