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Another’s Experienced Smoker With New Panic Attacks!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PennyLane96, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. So I’ve been smoking for almost exactly two years now. I went from a few times a month to every day. I’ve dabbed, done edibles, vaped it, bought stuff from Colorado ect. Tried a huge handful of top shelve stuff. About six months ago I started getting a little bit of anxiety after smoking. I have always delt with anxiety so I didn’t pay much attention to it. Well then about two months ago it got worse and fast forward to the past couple weeks and it’s terrible. These are the absolute worst panic attacks I have ever experienced. Some come from over thinking that can’t be distracted and some are just there for no reason. I really enjoyed smoking and now my anxiety is even worse when I’m sober due to it. I am a little more stressed but this time last year I was too and it didn’t bother me. Will I ever be able to smoke again or am I screwed?
  2. What strains do you smoke? Are they sativa based? I can get bad anxiety on high sativa strains.

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  3. No I’ve tried both and hybrids and it’s all the same. I completely cut sativa out for a while due to it with no luck.
  4. Well maybe try holding off for a week and reset.
  5. That's not expirienced there are old grandads on this site that have been smoking it all there life. but anyway sounds to me like you need to chill out smoking it weed is very potent and you will find the most experienced don't smoke it to a point where they feel like that some do some don't but yeah the weed will fog your head up if you take too much like any medicine. It's like a medicine remember.

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  6. I’m actually going to test this. I decided to take a break and if that doesn’t work than I’m screwed lol
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  7. I haven't personally tried this, living in a non-legal (nor is it likely to ever be) state, but my theory, maybe try a CBD strain instead? I understand it as THC lifting you up, while CBD puts you down. CBD is the useful stuff when it comes to seizures and that sort of thing.
  8. Smoke mid
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  9. Smoke less at 1st until you hit that sweet spot
    Smoke a few tokes and wait, than if need be go back for a few more.
    If it works think of it as cost savings
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  10. If it's happening when you're sober than it's definitely time to give it up for a bit. Once the cross over happens, the genie is pretty much out of the bottle.

    From a guy who knows.
  11. I wasn't't saying I was more experienced than anyone I was just saying I've been smoking daily for a while now? I've tried less with no luck. My high is always a rough one.
  12. So I realized its just not a good mix with my mental illness. It gives me psychosis symptoms. I guess until I get more sorted out I'll have to stop smoking, bummed but it just isn't worth it anymore.
  13. try edibles again its a totally different high. less heady
  14. Your definitely not screwed i had the same experience you did and i either just take smaller hits, doses, etc. And once i feel comfortable with the high i stop

    Edibles are great if you know what you're buying, definitely a major body high OR i simply breathe deeply in and out my nose and im calm

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