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anorexia and pot

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by exileinoblivion, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. hey this is kinda wierd cuz im a guy but i had or still have i guess anorexia. i spent 3 months in hospitals last christmas to save myself... i was going to go scuba diving and they said if i had i would have died..., but anyway the hospital helped some but it was and still is hard for me to eat a lot.. im just naturally not hungry and thin... which leads to problems.. but since i got out i started smoking heavily and it helped alot... i got over any self conciousness and was always hungry and ate really healthy... now i smoke several times a day and have no problems at all... HOWEVER.. this is expensive,,, and insurance unfortunatly does not support it.... so what im trying to figure out is there anyway for me to be able to get a suggestion for this in CA where im moving next year... and being able to grow enough for myself?


  2. You go back to not eating if you dont smoke?
  3. not entirely its just not nearly as easy and makes daily life a little bit tougher... also helps alot with depression, i have been able to come off of lexapro through smoking even though my doctor doesnt know thats the reason because im too nervous to tell her

  4. You should look into...i was gonna say more natural ways of fighting depression but hell, mj is as natural as it gets:hello: . No but seriously, you should slowly start trying to get rid of your depression through your self, i dont think depending on mj is a good thing. And what are you so depressed about? I mean, i cant even comprehend depression, it seriously isnt even somethign i would think about. I mean, sure ive been sad at times, but i mean to drone on about bad just doesnt sound smart. I dont mean to offend btw, just trying to geta better idea.
  5. Yea i think that way to but to answer oblivions question, You probubly could get a permit or whatever for perscription marijuana Especially in cali. although I wouldnt try it cuz It seems to me like That would be a good way to get mentally addictied to it
  6. ya getting addicted to it would be bad unless you talk to a doctor and they say "its the only way to help you" otherwise its prolly in your interest to not become dependant. why not just slowly stop smoking while continuing to eat, while telling yourself "i can obviously eat and its no big deal, i did when i was smoking, why shouldnt i now?"
  7. Dude, if you're sick and MJ is helping then why would people suggest to him

    to quit?? You're pretty much saying "Even though MJ helps you with your illness and it

    is a possibility that stopping MJ could result in your depression coming back and yer

    food disorder as well, I think you shouldn't be dependant on it, it's not good for you."

    That's a pretty dumb statement. If you have a serious illness then you should be able

    to treat it anyway that makes you feel best. I also think depression is a serious illness

    when left untreated.
  8. its a mental illness. if your treating it with mj its just covering it ,up youre suppost to fix your head not cover shit up.
  9. if you don't see a psycologist (sp?), you should.

    2nd off as a person coming to terms with serious depression, I feel ya man. People talk about not getting addicted or dependant to Cannabis, but your doctor will be happy to prescribe you pretty powerful anti-depressants (lexapro eh?). I took lexapro, wellbutrin, prozac and they did very little for me but burn a whole in my parents wallet. (Yes parents, but I am 18 years old!)

    I found that I could deal my problems with my shrink and Cannabis together. I found Cannabis quite effective in objectifying my feelings and actually led me to understand why I had certain feelings. I sure-as-hell self-medicated, but Cannabis was better medicine than any one my shrink had prescribed.

    Cannabis - Best medicine for depression I've ever used.
  10. DUDE im a skinny mother fucker too, im 5'7" and i wiegh 122 lbs
    its not that im anorexic its cuz i have no fuckin appetite, except after tokin :)

    oh and by the way.. STRUNG OUT is the shit
  11. heh just be glad you aint depressed. its impossible for you to comprehend it without experiencing it personally. ive been severley depressed for 9 months now, imagine waking up every morning and wanting to die, crying about anything and nothing, not being able to go out of the house because your that self-concious, feeling like everything good in your life is actually shit. thats depression LOL. ive been on prozac for 2 weeks and not really noticed anything yet (probably cos they take 3 weeks to kick in....) but im sticking with it cos its free, yeh man the NHS rocks! anyways, to the thread starter, dude you have to get through this, i know it sucks so bad, im there aswell, but just try your hardest to be happy, if smoking makes you eat, then toke on brudda! yeh you could get mentally addicted to it, but which would you rather, slight pot reliance, or depression/anorexia? hope this helps, and if you just need to chat, feel free to pm me and ill give you my msn/yahoo add. keep it really buddy!!
    Just Blaze It.....
  12. hey heres an update to eveything and cuz im still curious bout the whole idea of treating anorexia and depression with pot... but anyways im pretty much fine... i went to cali and saw my brother and got alot of stuff figured out... and all in all feel alot better... still skinny as hell but eat alot and healthy food too not all mucnhies. i also didnt smoke for a while and still stayed healthy felt happy and everything,,,

    i now smoke daily again and am happier, healthier than ever... i feel that by smoking i savor every meal... see things in a differnet way and appreciate the world more... a day of not smoking is nothing difficult, i will not scrape a resin bowl out i just enjoy the day and wait for my next bowl.

    i am interested in joining a reaserch prohram with nih on depression and trying to get them to experiment with the effects of pot on both conditions and with my history of illness and self experimentation i hope they will be able to help me figure out what happened.

    the other benifit will be i will recive free visits with a phsyciatrist, persriptions etc and will hopefully find out if pot is benificial to the conditions i have/had

    either way though i will stay a stoner! maybe just not as much

    and hell yeah strung out is the shit... got the strung out crowned heart tattooed on me haha
  13. Good to see ganj help u out, and like other people said you should not depend on it, and i like the fact that your handleing it like a pro. Good job, and keep proving the govt. wrong about medicinal marijuana
  14. simple, get a cannabis card, anorexia is an automatic ticket to a card, i know some good pot doctors that will prescribe you in a second and i would be happy to give you there numbers.
  15. You can get a card for any reason basically. It'll cost ya, though. But how does that help your money problem, it's not free pot. In fact it's not even cheap pot. Which is super not cool, imo. They rip off sick people.

    edit: lol, brainfart YES you could grow your own. do that. Still will cost about 200 bones for a card though. But it should be worth it I guess.
  16. i'm naturally thin too, fast metabolism. 6'1'' and 140 pounds. i don't get too hungry and when i do i can eat small meals and feel satisfied. i do some light exercises before dinner, so i eat more, then i work out later in the evening. muscle is key to gaining wieght. and if you rely on weed for depression you're gonna fiend for it like a cokehead when you dont have any :p peace
  17. hey all... yeah lex was what i had just come off ive been on zanax, valium prozak and attavan... lexapro was the last stage in a weeening from anti depresants... then i found pot did everything and was more than a recreation cuz i quit smoking when they said i should... being depressed and anorexic... but i realized it helped more than hurt... and i am happy now... 99% of the time... i def have bad days but they are random and only after some shit has happened like last nite when i had to take my girl to the er cuz my sliding glass door fell off of its tracks and almost killed her... but other than that... im happy... haha which i guesszsz is good... but nih dr's have said that they have come to no negative results of smoking mj for depression and anorexia and the dr there is NOW willing to suggest MJ to patients... there is supposed to be an article in newsweek in december or january of 07 when he finishes his paper and if he actually publishes it (hes scared to loose his reputation and wants both of us to be anonymous) but if he actually agrees to publish it with names... his... MINE and the other 29 people who were volunteering with me i may consider getting myself arrested in public and on the news and taking it too court with him... so i dunno... i honestly hope there is a chance to make MJ open to all for AT LEAST medical use... but i know for recreation its not gonna hurt anything



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