Anonymous is now going after OH football team

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    Dunno if anyone's heard about it and I haven't seen a thread about it, but the video pretty much explains it. There was a party in August, girl got super drunk, and according to literally everyone that attended the parties said she was raped and molested while blacked out. Being the small town Steubenville is, it got hushed up, the coaches and parents backed the football team cause they're one of the best in the tri state area, and they even went as far as blaming the girl because she was sexually active. In my humble opinion, this is not right. The girl lives in my town, we live right across the river from Steubenville and I've heard about this case since it happened. Word gets around in small towns like this reaaaal quick, and there were a lot of pictures floating around on phones that never made it to the internet unlike one of the pics in the video. This video just happened to have been shared by almost everyone I know who still gets on Facebook, some of which didn't even know who Anon was before this.

    I feel so bad for this girl. Her school is literally a 10 minute walk from my house. She was really cool from what people I've talked to that know her have said, and this whole thing as crushed her and her parents.

    Thoughts? I really hope Anon pulls through on this one, the bastards at that school deserve whatever they get.
  2. Well, they wrecked Chris Forcand's shit fairly well. I don't think things will end any better for these assholes, given enough time. Of course, if the pigs didn't do anything about it right away, I'm not sure what good will come of it.
  3. daaaaammmmnnn dude..... what were those fuckers thinking?
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    That's what I'm hoping honestly. Guess we'll just have to wait to see on the first. Anonymous hasn't really ever disappointed so far, so like I said, I hope they pull through on this too.

    You're tellin' me man, the worst part is it actually really was hushed up a few days after by the media. I was watching the local news following the case and I just stopped seeing it even brought up. This is another reason I want them to pull through with this so bad, I can't believe shit like this is happening right in my back yard.

    Just saw this too:
    [ame=]OpRollRedRoll Press Release. - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Man you do not want anonymous mad at you. Google em and you will see there not to be taken lightly.
  6. bet they're shittin their draws right about now. i would be, FUCK having anon after you lol.
  7. They were thinking they're big shit, and can get away with anything. Bunch of small town kids trying to be big and bad. I think they're going to get what they deserve though, anonymous doesn't make empty threats. Personally, I would be frightened if I was one of those kids.

    I don't quite understand what anon is threatening to do though... I believe they said they're going to compile basically a docket of all the most private and sensitive personal information they can on the people involved and just distribute it to the internet, where thousands of hackers and ID thieves will have access to it. And if that is what they intend to do...


    Them nigguhs is fucked.
  8. Anon is like your worst technological nightmare :smoke:
    I feel bad for the girl.
  9. Yea not only will anonymous fuck with them constantly but they are smart enough to probably get the evidence they need for a conviction which is what I'm sure they are aiming at by stating come forward before jan. 1st or it's all going to the cops.
  10. Lol at people being afraid of annonymous, but dont understand what they are. They cant do anything... And we are all annonymous.

    Only if you are stupid and dont have your computer encrypted
  11. Its more then having your comp encrypted.... They deff can get passed that easy
  12. anyone that doesnt really understand anonymous should watch the doc we are anonymous. good shit. sort of explains how they got started and how the work.
  13. Wow that's sad. Fuckin' idiots...NFL dreams are completely gone now.
  14. Its sad no one mentioned how trashed the boys probably were. whenever there is a case like this everyone assumes the male to be planning to take advantage of a drunk girl, never so far gone that they can't remember where they are
  15. doesn't matter how drunk they were, they were still functioning and new exactly what was happening.
  16. There is no excuse for doing something like that.
  17. yea the drunk excuse never flies with me, dont know what you're doing? bullshit.

    they were rapists, may not have done it actively but the alcohol and whatever else they were on lowered their inhibition and they went with it.
  18. Fucking gross.
  19. I'd say both parties are guilty. What do you expect two horny drunk football players to do to a girl who is blackout drunk at a party?? Theyre in high school for christs sake. The girl shouldnt have gotten so drunk, and the guys should have stopped after she was passed out.

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