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  1. It is obvious his account was hacked...

    ... so wouldnt it be possible for a mod to change his password and email him the new one??

    I know he is not one to troll like that...

    what'd he do? the last few posts i read from him seemed out of character. you're probably talking about that deleted thread but i wasnt here to see that so iono. back2beers.
  3. I posted that idea in one of 'his' threads. But that is a good idea, I sure hope that he can return to GC.

    BTW thanks for the rep tyrone.
  4. idk, but this thread is QUITE the trollish one. Did your account get hacked 4 minutes ago?
  5. Just wondering, where has this hacker been posting? I haven't seen it, I'm curious.
  6. Yeah i was a little surprised he got banned, not to discuss a mods actions lol. Im sure he'll be back after errythings sorted out
  7. Arf arf arf I'm a seal

    let's do the club dance
  8. please explain how I am being trollish?

    I just hate to see a good contributing member banned over some douchebag account hacker? that is all!

    edit: if mods see this thread as out of place by all means delete it. just trying to figure out what happened. he was a good member and I hate to see him go. PM me if you know anything please!

  9. For a user wanting to spread good vibes, you certainly are quick to insult others. This topic is, in no way, shape, or form, troll-like.

    Is it against the rules? Yeah. But there's no trolling in here, other than your post.
  10. wtf are you talking about?
  11. i gotcha bro. im just saying, NOT thread worthy. report it and be DONE. but yeah, it did get hacked.
  12. whos haxin accounts?

    you fuckers e'll never crack my password. hope you got exploits ***** :O
  13. No offense, but ive seen like 10 pointless threads from you. And you havent been here all that long
  14. It was a mistake to make this thread as it is not going anywhere so ill just delete it...

    ill pm a mod and see whats up
  15. Instead of deleting this thread just yet, Im going to post this so everybody knows. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT MODERATORS ACTIONS, PM A MODERATOR.

    Regarding Anony, If somebody hacked his account he will get back with me/Another moderator and we'll take it from there. But from what was posted on his account i had no other choice, If i see another thread like this i will not be happy.

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