Anon. Declaires war on the US Gov. A "Call to Arms".

Discussion in 'General' started by Flemian, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. They are callin it Operation V.

    [ame=]ANONYMOUS Revolution 2012 New Message What we are capable of! - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Got an error.
  3. Anyone else? plays fine for me. Try clicking the name above the video so it opens up in youtube.
  4. Anyone who publicly sides with this and "takes up arms" against the US Government will no doubt be put on a watchlist.
  5. In the past I've hated Anonymous, they seemed like a wanna-be hacker group to me. But now that they've transformed into this activist group I kind of like it, about 5 minutes into the video now.
  6. Yea, i think its pretty silly some people think Anon is still some 4chan dwelling group of trolls who perform hacks on people for shits and giggles

    Hell, they fucking threatened the cartel and won, and our government cant even get the cartel to do what it wants, thats just fuckin ridiculous.

    The idea behind it is genius, its just getting the scared lazy people who refuse to accept they can change anything to get the fuck up and actually do something
  7. Informative video but waaay too Americanized for me. They begin by calling it a global revolution and end by saying they want to usurp the American Government? Which is it guys?? But a worthwhile cause nonetheless, the corruption is rooted deep and the more that is done to expose this, the better.

  8. American Govt = world police

    we change countries lives around.... by force lol

    changing that, changes a lot more than just the US

  9. lol our government has the cartel doing exactly what they need them to do ;)
  10. Notice that Ron Paul was the only politician they didn't name as "Corrupt".

    Ron Paul 2012 or suckadickmuhfucka.

  11. Yeah but to what extent? For arguments sake, say Anon get the US govt to yield and hand over a large share of power and decisions to the public (which is their aim right?), what happens then? Seems like a short-minded fix to me, granted Dave Cameron and the Eton brigade my side of the pond would probably shit bricks and follow suit of their American counterparts but what about everyone else? Would the public still want your country wading and lambasting into other countries, putting military personnel at risk? What about potential threats such as Russia, China, Iran, would they not see the US as very vulnerable?

    I think it is a very good motive they have but their going about it the wrong way, 'Taking up arms' as they put it, against the US Govt seems short-sighted to me.
  12. Pretty well put together video.

    Love to see whats going to happen next.

    Wonder if Chicago is doing anything for this.

  13. Well, of course we wouldnt disband the god damn military from protecting us.... but i think we would spend a lot less time going into countries, wasting our money, to change their government, and then going back to square one lol

    Im not saying the US will all of the sudden give us all military control, and im not saying we wouldnt need it for protection, but for what.... 10 fucking years now we have been pillaging the middle east for an attack loosely (and not even proven) to be connected to some 'terrorist" radical group? That needs to end lol
  14. Sign me up. Where do I start?
  15. [quote name='"Sensual Koala"']Anyone who publicly sides with this and "takes up arms" against the US Government will no doubt be put on a watchlist.[/quote]

    ^ what he said lol
  16. [quote name='"fluffykush"']

    lol our government has the cartel doing exactly what they need them to do ;)[/quote]

    Yeah,selling drugs lol
  17. That's badass.

    Where shall we meet? I'll gladly take up arms with an army against this corruption.
  18. Its pretty hard imagining this actually happening.
  19. When is the shit really gonna go down? How long?

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