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Annoying Stoners

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Florol, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I'm talking about the ones that you can't have a normal conversation with, without them mentioning weed. The ones who don't talk about anything other than weed and make people who smoke weed look bad.

    They just really get on my nerves. I'm sitting in class and the teacher mentions "the smell of burning leaves in the fall" he turns around and is like "huehuehue burning leaves derp derp."

    Anyone else know people like that?
  2. If I would've heard "burning leaves" I would've immediately went to weed too.
  3. I understand that, that wasn't such a great example to use. Since you smoke weed that would cause you to think of weed. But constantly mentioning it, making it look like your an addict or something is just annoying.
  4. yeah i know exactly what you mean op. shit seriously gets on my nerves not only are they making themselves look extremely stupid and immature but their giving the rest of us stoners a bad rep. its annoying because i'm nothing like that, im intelligent, hard working and have something going for me (not tryin to toot my own horn) and there are TONS like thats as well some with more potential! but as soon as someone figures out you smoke weed on the daily its almost immediately discounted because of stupid stereotypical stoners like that.

    you shouldn't be judged on what you do in your free time anyway but unfortunately not all of society agrees, it wouldn't be too bad if they actually talked about the good it brings but nah its almost always focus on the negative aspects or the 'bad seeds' of the group.
  5. I know the kind of person you're talking about, usually people we run into when we are young and just starting to smoke. People like that usually are just starting to smoke as well so they think it's the coolest thing ever, so they never stop talking about it.
  6. ooo i hate these types of cunts! they just have no discretion and soon enough everyone knows u smoke
  7. Yeah i hate people who smoke to be "cool" and they just talk and talk and talk about it but hey back when i was a young kid burning schwag i was like that too.
  8. and people that get high a few times and think there a stoners smfh, Honestly people pose to much. If you burn and are a stoner you dont go around bragging you smoke bud you just go on your way acting chill people know your a stoner through other people not by you bragging about it or posting pics on fb. Honestly some people need to grow up.
  9. never smoked schwag...

    idk I feel bad for those "annoying stoners" because their lives are probably a wreck. They are the kind of people who need help the most, yet don't get any because of the way society labels people.

    Tragic, but I don't see anyone writing a news story or giving a F##k about it
  10. Sounds like some high school shit, OP.

    No disrespect to the herb, but bringing up bud in a public setting is some Mickey Mouse shit.
    (non-MMJ state)
  11. You never had that shitty dealer selling you"danks" when you first started? Damn youre lucky. My guy now is chuck norris compared to that fuckhead who got caught by the cops selling oregeno (loool)
  12. Sounds like your in H.S. man, I wouldn't expect more than that for some H.S. stoners
  13. Yeah I'm like that jk. I know a few people like that. They're usually young new herb smokers.

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