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Annoying eye twitch!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by dailyuser, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. I have had this twitch in my left eye for the past 3 hours. It won't go away and the higher I get the more annoying it is. Anyone have any ideas on getting it to go away other than remove my eye ball?
  2. hehe, its like caused by stress and you smoke and smoke till its gone, or get a massage to releive stress. but thats the cause

    btw this is THC101
  3. i get them when i'm like, really physically tired...
  4. Go in the downstairs bathroom, lean forward, take your glasses off and stare at it. Then come back and tell us how cool it was.
  5. i get that some times and then i down some laughfing gas and it goes away
  6. Oh my god man are you telling me you dont know the cure for the eye twitch? now look this is what you gotta do.
    Ok sit in a chair or on your beed stick your right or left hand way out infront of you as far as it can go then pull it back as hard as you can aimed at your left eye and presto it will go away.Oh and make sure you do hit your self :p lol
  7. Thanks for everyone's ideas! It actually went away on it's own-thank god cause it's the next day! I would be bitching today if it was still here! Thanks! :)
  8. itll probaly come back. ive had it for 2 years now in both eyes since i started smoking . it only happens when i smoke. i smoke it comes back for a few days then goes away. i tried holding my eyelids that didnt work. its annoying but why would i ever give up smoking just becuase of that.
  9. i get a small twitch in my left eye too. usually only when smoking.. weird

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