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Anime Anit-marijuana clip

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Shouse1018, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Haha, awesome.
  2. Hehe that was pretty funny :laughing:
  3. lol that was funny
  4. HAHAHAHA I wouldn't be the world's best duelist if I smoked mairjuana!

    Fuck that I will duel your ass and win.
  5. trying to keep the kids of chronic
    i guess you gotta use something that relates to them, like anime. It wouldnt have worked for me, i was the only kid in my school to fail D.A.R.E., the only kid i know of actually.
  6. lol "ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... BLAAHHH!! BLAAHHH!! BLAAHHH!!"
  7. whatever... the TV shows themselves are more harmful to kids than pot. giving them crazy ideas, wasting their parents money... wait... thats what i do... hmmm.
  8. lol, i'm a former anime fan but I was never into that show, whatever it's called.

    Anyway, I agree with debauch, those shows are far more harmful than ganja has ever bene to society. It really depends on whether or not you believe commercially exploiting our kids is bad.
  9. Its true debauch, and what about those god damn seziurs(sp) that those chinese kids get from watching those trippy shows.

  10. I assume by the replies (haven't and won't watch) it's pokemon or yugioh or something along those lines

    in which case...the original japanese versions of either show are pretty twisted dirty seizure inducing and all around pedophilic lol sooooooo

    pothead kid = empty fridge and cheeto grease on all the household remotes
    anime kid = lots of wasted money on toys/cards/ect brainwashing and possible tripped out flashing light panic attacks

    score one for weed
  11. Violence = Good
    Drugs = Bad

    That's what the TV tells me.
  12. yellow rats shocking crossdressing purple haired guys and bitchy redheads who own a talking cat = good

    chong smoking a giant dog shit laced joint = bad

    thats what tv tells me :D
  13. Yugi-Oh!!!!!

    I'm going to have to break out my Yugi-Oh cards next time I'm high and see if it's right.
  14. Cmon guys, dont blame it on the TV, yes tv for kids is so good they no longer have to have imaginations, but saying its bad is just as rediculous as "weed will make you dumb".

    Instead of drug psa's they should have anime ones, their so much worse!:rolleyes:
  15. I disagree, television is the major reason that people don't get out and participate in society. Due to the media consolidated world we live in, no form of news can be considered as completely true due to the lack of research, not to mention the corruption that goes into the news.

    While the news continues to feed us various bullshit that can never be determined as completely true or false, our kids are being fed various shows of varying quality that generally will never stimulate their minds in the same way that a good book will. There are exceptions, but generally if some TV show is exceptionally good in concerns of quality, then it will reach the ears of even those who don't watch tv (myself, being an example of this) and we can rent or purchase the dvd so we don't have to sit through all that commercial bullshit.

    Despite this, people still insist on inventing new concepts such as T-vo (or however it's spelled) to better the quality of their extremely shitty television programs that continue to degrade in quality as time goes on and our American youths become dumber and dumber with each generaiton (it seems to me).
  16. please man im am in fact the worlds best duelist so if you wanna bring it bring it.

  17. Ok, then why arent you just a tv zombie? Im not one because my parents raised me better than that. WE, the public control what the media does. Look, if we realized channel 9 news(example) always told the shittiest stories that no one cared about, lied, and blew things out of proportion, we(the public) would stop watching. Then channel 9 would go, "hey, why arent people watching our show!?" Because it sucks channel 9, thats why, get your shit straight and we'll start watching again. See, we have the control, its the publics fault, they are giving up what we want, no one forces us to watch. And if some of these kids that are zombies had decent parents, i guarantee you they wouldnt watch pokemon all day. I think people arent getting dumber, but apathetic, just agreeing to everything, expecting someone else to do something about it.
  18. i'd totally edit this and reverse everything he said if i had the time. it IS dubbed in english anyway
  19. I do agree that people are becoming more apathetic than necesarily dumb. Though I feel that this apathy creates ignorance.

    Given your example with channel 9, or whatever, it's just an example, but let's say that channel 9 does put out shitty shows, just like some stations actually do and get less ratings than other channels. This doesn't mean that other channels are portraying anything more intellectually stimulating, just less entertaining. Entertaining and intellectually stimulating media are two very different things, and while there are exceptions (history channel, discovery channel, etc.) most television channels/programs promote commercialism and a belief in a reality that does not coincide with the current status of what we term "true" reality. It is of my opinion that while books (fiction and nonfiction alike) do the same thing, the act of reading in and of itself creates intellectual stimulation.

    In the end, I believe you have a good argument that TV is not simply "bad," but I do believe it is not very beneficial to society and I am glad that the internet is coming to replace television, as this gives people the freedom to become more intelligent, if they so choose. Television, on the other hand, is simply a way for people to relax at the end of the day, but it doesn't promote many things that I consider to be of importance or benefit (this is in relevance, of course, to the morals and ideals that I feel should be emphasized in a modern society).

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