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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zander, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. anyone ever got an animal high, i never have. last 420 i blew smoke from about 5 blunts on this catterpillar. but i dont think they breath or something.
  2. i blew the smoke from a blunt into my friends dog's face and we all just chilled with it by a bonfire, cool dog.
    i smoked a bowl and blew the smoke into my cats face and he went absolutely apeshit, it was hilarious, he was just walkin in circles making wierd noises and then he slept like a baby
  3. We had a cat once that liked to get high. It would always come around when we were toking, and he would follow the joint from person to person. He would also eat stem like they were going out of style. Ahh, I miss that cat....
  4. i've also heard from alot of people that cats tear the fuck out of plants if your growing them.
  5. once up on a time a long long time ago , there was a long haired yellow manx , named sir canibus spazmoses who every one loved he was very much into hetting high . he breathed in the smoke as if he were a conisour of the hemp kind . he would stretch out in the middle of the room as if he were tripping taking everything in and makd direct eye contact to all in the room giving you the feeling he could actualy read your mind . he would gladly walk in to a garbage bag turn & wait for the bag to fill w/ smoke never fighting to get out , when he had consuned all the smoke in the bag he would walk out w/ a smile on his face & begein to make eye contact as if he were human , spazes favorite time of year was xmas he loved all the pretty lights , he designated himself the xmas tree & demanded to be wraper in the pretty lights when stoned , he liked it better when all the lights were off in the house he would be the center of attention i think he was a reencarnated vaudevill actor bathing in the lights of the stage & acted as if he could still hear his aplauding fans . god bless sir canibas spazmoses where ever he is now , he lost his life from a gunshot wound deeiverd by a drunk many years ago hell for ever be one of my best freinds love you spaz!!!!
  6. damn that sounds like a fuckin badass cat!

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