Animals in my plants!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by APalmer, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. I went out to my plants today and I went to water them and this lizard ran out from underneath my plant. Scared the shit out of me.. I cant to believe he was just resting there but I know better than that. Little fucker was chewing on the bottom leaves.. Well I sat there and waited for it to come back out and I caught it in a net. The little shit was hissin. well I set it free about a mile away from my plants . Those desert lizards can ruin plants fast with their tails. They just mow them over damaging the stocks beyond repair.
    Well I am going to go back out in the afternoon and put some moth balls out. Will this keep them away?

  2. Don´t know, but you will have no problems with moths!!

    Seriously moths are insects, lizards are reptiles. There is no way to believe it will work.
  3. well im not so sure about lizards but most animals dont like being around humans so all u gotta do is shave some bar soap around ur plant. this will keep em away cause it smells like human.
  4. Good one
  5. Its not a joke there was a damn lizard under my plants. I trapped it and let it loss in the other part of the woods about 10 miles from the plants.
  6. Its not a joke there was a damn lizard under my plants. I trapped it and let it loss in the other part of the woods about 10 miles from the plants.
  7. i thought lizards were carnivours, what they doing chewing on plants? i see atleast 2 or 3 a day when i go to my site but just leave them alone, have a few snakes around here also but i doubt they'll be hungry for my plants:)
  8. I thought it was strange but I don't think he was the one chewing. I feared him knocking down my plants and ruining them.
  9. Don´t they eat insects and grubs? In that case probably damn good guys to have around.
  10. haha ,if u were a little lizard and saw a beautiful weed pkant, would u wanna chill and eat it!?!?! let him eat your males and he will keep other insects from hurting your femals lol
  11. My old cat Lucy used to chew on my weed. RIP Luce
  12. i dont know about lizards, but i remember one time a group of foxes were living underneath my porch, so we threw moth balls into their hole and they left for good, so try to mothballs thing. secondly, most lizards are carnivores, yes, but their are quite a few reptiles that are omnivore/herbivore, like iguanas, so id say there's a chance he was nibbling on it.
  13. Any herpetologists out there???
  14. I went back out this afternoon and either there are many lizards running around or that shit head is smart but there was another one out there. I believe it was a different one it looked a little smaller than the first one. That is what it is is and iquana so hopefully he will eat the insects and not bother the plants. Can't give him my males because I pulled them all out of the ground.

    All I got is my ladies. I began tying them back the other day. The top of the plant turned back facing up and seem to be handling the change.

    Is the reason that you do this id to allow sun to get to the sides of the plants since the leaves are blocking it from reaching the middle of the plant????
  15. For stealth, it gives a low profile and breaks up the Xmas tree shape.

    And improves yield, every branch tries to act like the main cola.
  16. Lol, when I first read the title I was thinking animals animals. I was gonna say, if any animal was eating my plants I'd be on my porch with a double-barrel shotgun waiting for that ass. But since it's a different situation, I don't know. Just catch them and kill 'em. That's what I would do. Especially since my neighbor loves catching lizards. He caught around 30-40 within an hour and fed 'em to the ducks. Problem solved!
  17. fed lizards to ducks wtf
  18. You never heard of lizard-eating ducks???
  19. well yes, kinda. it does allow light to parts of the plant that wouldnt recieve it normally. these parts take off in growth compared to the rest of the plant, thinking they are the main stem they grow into a new one.

    after they get bigger and taller than the rest of the plant i tie them down again which starts it over again. tie any tall stems down and when others grow taller tie them down

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