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Animal crackers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by toketillyachoke, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Animal crackers are good

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  2. its a goat

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  3. its a camel

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  4. mmmmmmm hipo :p

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  5. its a ummmmmmmm ...................?

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  6. This is a FUN thread!!! Where's an elephant???? Do an elephant next!!!! :D

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  8. The man is clearly a visionary. God bless you, Sir.
  9. you are so blasted. I like this thread.
  10. Animal Crackers are the shit! i love em...and yea man you look pretty damn baked lol im gonna be gettin a half oz soon so ill join ya in tokin :)

  11. Its a cat!!
  12. lol grass i think your right
    too funny
  13. Hahahah oh man I'm just dyin to get stoned now.... got some sublime goin and all...

  14. YAY!!! :D

    ::::: He did the elephant!!! ~~~ He did the elephant!!! :::::

    Wait...that doesn't sound so good. OOps!

    ::: He added the elephant to the Animal Cracker thread. :::

    Much better. :)

  15. ^^^^aaaaahahahaha

    i love this thread... I always eat the camels last... hahaha
    he looks sooooo ripped,

    *packs another bowl
  16. man i had fun last night had some good weed ate some animal crackes it was great than i went to bed and smoked weed when i woke up and now im at school
  17. AWESOME...makes me wish I had some of those circus animal frosting coated sprinkle covered aminals.
  18. yumm those are great
  19. not only did he "do" the elephant.........he "DID" the elephant! nice job :D

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