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  1. What is anger?  Why do we feel anger (what stimuli do we feel anger in response to)?  Do we need to feel anger?  

    What is anger?
    Possibly an aggravated form of discomfort.. but like any other emotion (or experiential stimuli) it can't be described accurately, if at all, other than by reference to itself and other emotions, in the same way that colours can't. Anger is just, ''anger'', just as blue is just, ''blue''.
    Why do we feel anger (what stimuli do we feel anger in response to)?
    Well, I personally dislike it when I can't find something.. ^_^
    Do we need to feel anger?
    That depends upon whether there was an objective reason to feel anger or not - it may be necessary for some people, in some circumstances, i.e, a victim of fraud may need to experience a dose of anger at their victimization to stir up enough of a desire in themselves to gain both personal recompense for themselves, and legal punishment for their victimizer. But in most cases, I wouldn't think so. :rolleyes:
  3. Well said. No need to add any more to this.
  4. Apes get angry and since we evolved from them we also get angry.
    I can't think of any good use for it in modern society. It only serves to dig a deeper hole for one's self by overreacting.
  5. it really depends.
    today our anger is misplaced because we are not facing life or death situations. and even though our minds are not primitive our biological responses are. 
    when somebody cuts you off in traffic you experience the same response (increased heart rate, adrenaline release, increased body temperature) as you would when faced with a dangerous situations. you need all those things to move faster, be stronger and defend, attack or flee. 
    obviously you don't need any of that when sitting in the car. but whether you like it or not, the adrenaline will be released and that triggers a chain of emotions. some people will experience anger, some panic, some might get angry and almost immediately nearly euphoric that everything is ok. depends on how well one can live with their emotions and understand the true nature of emotions. 
  6. Anger is a function of the ego. It's like a current that comes and sweeps away your senses. Maintain firm footing in clear appraisal. Recognize when thw current rises, and don't be swept away.

    Anger only results when there is attachment to this world and circumstances. Don't stand in the floodplain and you won't be swept away when the water down from the mountains.

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