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  1. Im looking for some present ideas for myself, im looking into getting an Android tablet,

    just looking for a good bargain and overall high quality product.

    If you have one, plan on buying, or have experience with tablets (work at best buy or something like it) please inform me with some products,

    comparison on several tablets will be greatly appreciated!
  2. My blind friend bought one, then he returned it.
  3. I had the nook and returned it. Bought the lenovo thinkpad tablet and its solid especially since the last software update (has real usb port). For the money, I recommend the amazon fire - i've heard good things. Depending on what features you want also check out the sony tablet - there is a built in infrared universal remote.

    For tablets android > ipad for sure.
  4. I mis understood the title , il be leaving now
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    ughhhhh. seriously? fuck off and go troll somewhere else.

    okay thanks for posting... and go back to school if you 'mis understood' android tablets. ; you mean misinterpreted? ROFL.

    Hows the battery life of the Lenovo thinkpad? Run into any problems? glitches/freezes? out of a 10, 1 being worst and 10 being best, whats your rating?
  6. ye misinterpreted it , dont expect perfect word smithing on a stoner forum ,I was expecting a tablet that has something to do with androids but the actual contents of this thread proved to be not as exciting

  7. I use it mostly for reading pdfs, and maybe checking email. The battery lasts probably 2 days-ish with normal usage. No glitches or freezes since the last update, I really dont have too many big complaints at all - if I knew more about the software I would probably use the stylus more. Out of 10, id say 8.5.

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