......And then i got hives

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  1. So this summer has been sort of one thing after another with me from strep and tonsillitis to a staph infection, then some mysterious infection from the nail salon... All in all I guess my immune system has gone to shit. So. Anyways. This morning I woke up with hives.. And by hives I mean my entire body is covered and I've never gotten them before. Other than the Bactrim that I am still on for the staph infection, all I can think of that I did differently was my weed source. I picked up two grams off a guy I work with (probably dumb but i trust him for whatever reason) and I don't know anyone else who buys off him to ask them how reliable it is. He said his shit was all that but it was mediocore. Very little smell, kind of a dry looking brown. I sat there thinking something was off about it, then burned it and boom..... Hives.
    So I know that this is going out in a limb here but has anyone ever come in contact with sketch weed that can give you an allergic reaction? Or is it possible to develop a weed allergy that you didn't have before? Seemingly pointless wall of text but.. I'm scared to smoke hahah
  2. Since i'm guessing you have smoked weed many times before without a reaction my guess would be you had a reaction to some of the fertilizer/growing materials used to grow it.
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    That's my leg right after smoking. And yeah I've never had any problems.. I guess I'll switch to my old source and see if there's still issues
  4. Maybe you have AIDS, not even kidding. Get yaself tested today.
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    I was gonna go to work.. but then I got hives yeee heee cus i got hives... cus i got hives.. cus i got hives.. ladadada dadada

    posted before reading...
    sounds like a shitty summer dude... I hear ya, I used to get hives all the time.. got em the other day walking through a bushy ass forest to see my friends plants, my legs were so fucking itchy it sucked balls..
    get well dude, im sure you will :)

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