And the award for "best revenge on a cheating gf" goes to...

Discussion in 'General' started by i Donk, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. this guy

    Tattoo artist Ryan Fitzgerald from Dayton, OH was...
  2. what a shitty tattoo
  3. What a fucking badass
  4. Holy shit!!!!
  5. hahahaha thats hilarious, but at the same time i feel bad for that chick...
  6. It doesn't look that shitty.
  7. hey you got shit on your back
  8. If I was pounding her from the back, I'd lose the wood from looking at that
  9. That's fucking hilarious.
  10. Buh dum, tssss.
  11. I wouldn't ever wish that on a cheating ex. That shit is for life, unless she has it removed. HARSHHHH. But goddamn... it is hilarious:D:p;)
  12. What's the problem? This tattoo seems to be a good representation of that Narnia stuff
  13. Well he could of atleast made a better shit pile...

    I mean who the hell shits like that anyway???

    Looks like soft served ice cream to me.....:D
  14. Nah, Fuck people who commit adultery. Bitch deserves it. Everyone that does adultery should be required to get that Shit on their back
  15. bump for the morning crowd
  16. that is funny guess she learned her lesson.
  17. Lol epic and deserved. I wonder if she even has a case after signing that form.
  18. Ahahahahahahaha it's The Scarlet Letter, version 2011!

    That guy kicks ass.

    Absolutely if what the article said is true. If she was drunk, anything she signed is meaningless.
  19. I would love to shake that mans hand...

    And maybe get him to tattoo a pile of shit on my exes forehead
  20. sounds like all the parties involved had some issues

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