And so our growing begins!

Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, May 3, 2004.

  1. me and max(maxbuddah420) planted the first two locations of the year last weekend, and all in all it went fairly smoothly. max lives in a develoment set faily deep into the woods of maine. we figured right when we assumed we could find itleasta few decent spots near his house, although saterday we had to walk farther then sunday to find what we dubbed a good location.

    preperation. max reads tuns about growing and although i dont know that much about it im slowly reading and learning. i read mostly about location and i had to constantly remind max that we would need a location where NOBODY was goign to go anywere near for itleast three months. we packed four bottles of pure water mixed with urin (max eat random foods he dubbed good after extensive reasearch to eat) and a fertalizer max had in his garage. nitrogen, potassim, and phosphate were all potant in the mixture. we saved great seeds from our weed for the past few months, so we packed those, along with fishing wire, steaks, small shovel and fokey thing, sand a knife. we walked along the main road for awiel till we came to a spot that no houses were partucurly near and ran into the woods with out backpacks. the locatiosn can be slightly seen now by a distant house and boaters on a small lacke, but the leaves fillign out shoudl completely hide it within a few eeks. we dugs about twenty holes and set the germinating seeds about half in inch into the fertalized soil. we put fishin ling up around th elocation and tried to keep each plant as far apart as we could. it was so crazy hardcore in there, planting weed just me and him talking about how fuckin awosme its gunan be to have trash bags fille dof weed (and how drunk we were gunan get that night, ha). all and all a thrillign experience you all shoudl do. and then we did the same thing pretty much again and thats just the beggining of out plans. itas liek you think about it and why the fuck woudl anyone not grow? you get tuns of weed, its nto that mcuh work, its fun as hell and you can make loads of money and it doesnt cost shit.profit is 100%...yeah, think about it! anyway so were gunan keep planting cuz we figure why the fuck now and hopefully well both have a few pounds in november. ill keep you all posted, any feedback or concerns woudl be awosme since both of us our pretty new to growing, thanx ulot, peace.

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