and so cocktail hour will commence

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, May 17, 2003.

  1. cocktail hour, folks. lets get it on! ok im bored

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  2. umm... it's only 3:30... and i am still at work... but ok... happy hour time
  3. buds of the city
    its pretty easy
    grab a port
    drink a brew
    nothing to it
    easy to do
    wont you come
    a few or one
    less the latter
    more the batter
    i cant speel
    and barely rhyme
    come one come all
    its millertime!
  4. and here is my drunk ass 5 years ago...

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  5. thank you for sharing with the group, drunk ass...looks like you need help with that drink ;)
  6. another day in the life

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  7. i think i've just realised that for all the times i was pissed outta my skull as a teen... never (to the best of my knowledge) have i had my drunken picture taken!

  8. aw! if you were to hang around me digit, youd have lots of pictures! those are the best to burn your best friends with the next day or in some extremely unappropriate and embarrassing way in the weeks to come. letting them sweat out a rough night of drinking and surprising their drunk ass with photos are priceless!
  9. I want to see more drunk people in photos lol.Peace
  10. Ahhhhhh yes, cocktail hour has definitely commenced at my home!!!!!!! Alcohol, pills, and marijuana.......who could ask for anything more????? Damn, that almost sounded like a song. Anyway..........let the games begin!!!!!!!!! LOL
  11. last night hurt.......but fun.

    don't you just love when ya wake up and it feels like some one opend your head took out your brain and stepped on it a few times......
  12. my head is still sloshing around. nothing a nice bloody mary cant tkae care of..nice and spicy [​IMG]
  13. more drunk people pics... i just started thinking about my picture above.. damn that was a fun time... at least what i remember... i remember everyone trashed my house and i was pissed about that... but it was still a blast... new years 98/99... fun times... we need more laughable pics of people on here

  14. screw that..... when i go out drinking... there is only one point...... to get bent as go all night long......

    last night..... started with coronas w/ shots of limon in them, moved on to stoli vanilla and gingerale (taste just like cream soda....delish), threw a feww surfers on acid into the mix (jager, malibu and pineapple juice, sounds funky but is hella good)
    then from there on it was more beers and chaos....i remember jager flowin freely out of the neg ten machine and some jose goin back thing you know your waking up your ex gf's floor wondering why the fuck you would do someting sooo stupid.....

  15. my friends have dozens of me stoned... some we got developed when there were obvious doobies in shot! heehee.

  16. lol, we had a soccer tourney in florida a few years back. we got to stay an extra day so that night, we partied pretty nicely :) I took about a roll of film just in the hotel room alone, where we were drinking and toking it up WILDLY..well my mom being the sweetheart she is, picked up my pictures when they were developed. when I got home from school that day, all the pictures of me and the girls, holding joints, smoking joints, all fucked up, joints, joints, joints, were ALL hung up on the fridge. I almost LOST it! what a sense of humor that woman has! lol, she is kick ass, cause she just gave me a look when she saw I took them down. (I wouldve left them up if I knew my dad was ok with it, but that guy wouldve kicked my ass! lol)
  17. i forget what I was gonagza going to say. it was something about cocktails, something about being bored. then just thinking about how I dont need to talk about randomness, cause you can all figure that out for yourselves. oh, but since I just thought this (hurry sensi!) that something, oh shit I forgot but it was something like how I love you guys for this reason..there was a better ending, but its getting OH, lol, how I need to drink faster, maybe to pass out faster so I can sleep longer cause so when my unforgiving alarm bitches me out in the morning, i can at least stand up just enough so when I fall, hit the floor, ill hit it hard enough to get them brainers moving all around again like atoms in an excited state, or like a clit in heat lol, thats makes sense though...OK, its time. cocktail time.
  18. Drinking is fun. till u drink way to much and get sick. Ever come home and take a leak in one of ur parents drawers. LMAO
  19. My daily supply of ciggarettes and my nightly supply of alcohol, along with a little buddah dude and a dragon. Look how organised I am now that ive been sober for 4 months, everything around me is like that and its beginning to freak me out. When I used to get stoned everyday i'd throw my shit on the floor and pass out, god do I miss weed. Hopefully there will be a nice fat sack to replace those ciggarettes someday. I personally dont like Whisky but if its around ill drink it. Thats a 40 dollar bottle of Whisky and usually for decoration but tonight seems right. I personally like Vodka and beer more than anything. I think ill pick up a few heinekens before the Scotch, shots are easier after beer.

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  20. I LOVE P-FUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(parlmet ligts)

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