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  1. Anybody else ever think of destroying everything for a chance to start over and do things right? Like just tearing down the walls of society to rebuild a new culture full of people that live in harmony with one another and nature?
  2. “Politics is a pendulum whose swings between anarchy and tyranny are fueled by perpetually rejuvenated illusions.”
    -Albert Einstein
  3. its coming soon man.......its coming:devious:

    with all this shit going on oh yea its coming
  4. Black helicopters, the NWO, and a police state is what's coming...



  5. Why do you feel you have to destroy everything first?

    Why cant your graduate towards anarchy in many stages? If we already know how we want to rebuild culture, then why not change what we can without destroying everything?

    What makes you think Breaking everything down, then rebuilding it, will cause people to live harmoniously with themselves and nature?

  6. im amazed at how you guys never get tired of making wrong predictions

  7. Because our culture won't allow it currently. We rely on fossil fuels, tv, and fast food to make the world go round. The very fact that the ground is covered with poisonous chemicals just so that we can travel easier is another aspect of this. War, war, and more war to fuel industry...I'm just sick of it. I'm not saying destroying everything WOULD make us live in harmony with one another and the world, I'm just saying that it would give us a chance to start over and maybe do it right the second time around.

  8. generally when you have a population of people, some of them are players, and the others are haters.

    players want to keep playing the game and create something, haters just want to bring the players down to their level because they're envious.

    which one are you?
  9. Anarchy in AMERICA??


  10. nope it's scientifically proven that anarchy can only exist in the uk
  11. There's already more than 5 activist/movements that supports Anarchy in America. I know there are more of the same movement in other areas but I only know 5 groups. One of the movement got about 1,300 members that are involved, and it's growing by the day.

  12. I've never made a wrong prediction. :D

    History is cyclical, and the end of the American empire is coming soon.
  13. You've never been wrong because you understand the cyclical nature of our nature and you're predictions are never overbearing. You aren't saying the world will end in 2012, you are saying that our nation is on its last leg based on the results of previous nations that utilize the same foreign and domestic policy...
  14. anarchy is idiotic
    i wonder if our society is stupid enough?
  15. Only an intelligent society could survive without government.
  16. We do need to rely on other forms of energy/fuel. But the REAL owners will never let that happen... unless organized chaos, not anarchy, is implimented, there's no way we're changing our way of life...mabye I'm TOO high.

  17. yea but you see how you use words like "soon"

    but in another thread you refered to 50 years of data as "short term"
  18. Read your Bakunin ....

    The whole point being after it's destroyed everyone will get equal treatment afterwards - not just the fucking rich twats helping themselves like now.

  19. I'm a libertarian because I like the idea of Anarchy but recognize that there must be some form of government to perform its basic functions for a free society.

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