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  1. Left libertarian anarchism... the way it's suppose to be.. mmm
  2. Haven't studied it much at all really but I always thought the diverse coalition of anti-fascists on the Republican side was interesting.
  3. well according to "anarcho-capitalists" theres no such thing.
  4. It's simple.

    If there's any authoritarianism then it's not libertarianism/anarchism.

    If everything is voluntary, then it's just libertarianism/anarchism.

    There is no need to distinguish "left" or "right" libertarianism/anarchism, people are free to voluntarily do whatever the fuck they want in either.
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    Unless it fits in to the established paradigm most of these concepts are simply too slippery for most minds to grasp.

    There are many pictures in the AnCap/Libertarian circle jerk thread you would probably enjoy.

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