Analyzing the world around you, and its extreme amount of expressive data.

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  1. Random, but its something I struggle/blessed with.

    Its basically a sense or understanding of everything around me, and the immense detail and information that is simultaneously taking place all around us. Its truly mind blowing, and always puts my thoughts and place as a being into perspective. What I mean by this, is that I can look at the simplistic of things, and am easily amazed. For example, a table cloth (lol, just what is in front of me at the moment). Most people see a table cloth, but what I see (not just when i sit and analyze, but really how i fundamentally view the "object") as a piece of craftsmanship that was harvested from materials, all which have there own process, and story/manufacturing. The cultural expression and human thought that went into it. How it was at one time focused at it in detail and crafted from someones unique thought process. Not to mention how it sits on the table, flat, with gravity stretching it closer towards earths center, allowing it droop over the table. All the other forces that are working in unison to create this environment we so easily take for granted. I guess really its amazing how much really is going on around us that we just don't understand. The constant biology, chemistry, physics, expressions, ect. that take place just within a small confined place is almost full of infinite complexity and information when taking into account all the different things really partaking. What a miracle reality is too begin with, what a trip.

    I just ask, do other people view it this way? or do you think this is a borderline mental disorder almost? I always struggle to tell if what im thinking is unique/meaningful, or if its just crazy talk. Thoughts?? Alot of time this thinking makes me very over loaded with thought/ and it literally so to speak "blows my mind".

  2. Everyone sees the world slightly different. I notice when i am really at peace i see so much more variety of colors in the world and very good vibes that make me feel amazing to as when you are not so happy and the world is not as beautiful or as colorful as it once was.

    This whole reality is based on our mind. Ever notice homeless people much much happier then the average person?

  3. You're not alone man, I used to delve into meaningless shit like that all the time. I say meaningless because it's essentially a thought which has little merit if not applied to life, not applied to something bigger. It's only ever mental stimuli. Mental mindfuckery. While beautiful in a way, it goes to show you're of the intellectual type (upper Chakra dare I say).

    I found its just not helpful personally to engage in that, use your thoughts wisely, be aware of what the automatic thoughts are doing.

  4. I really like this and appreciate the words. It is a sense of mental mindfuckery. I have to train my mind and in time I think things will fall more into place for me.

  5. How long have you been smoking and how often? Cause I used to be like that, but I don't know what happend

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  6. I think it's great in a way. We are not made happy by what we acquire but by what we appreciate. Having an in-depth appreciation for simple things is a gift, but can also be a curse I would think. Imagine the joy the tablecloth maker/designer would feel if they knew someone was really taking the time to appreciate their craft?
  7. I used to think I was an incredibly perceptive individual, unique even. Still do sometimes, but that's cause I'm still young. Looking back on it, I now realize I was probably just as perceptive and "unique" as anybody my age, really I just had an inflated opinion of my intellect.

    Ime, when people believe they see the world with a more "special" perspective than others, sometimes they fail to see themselves for both who they are and how they appear. Being smart, unique, whatever, only goes so far without self-awareness.

  8. I used to eat acid too, lol! Just joshin ya key. Thought provocation is mind stimulation and depending on the item, issue, environment, etc...a great idea could come about but then you could also dwell on something that eats up your time, he'll, even change your mind about life , religion, aliens, gods and everything else in between. Never stop your thought process as it is exactly that and we all are all a little unique like a snow flake or fingerprint. The pain and sorrow, the tears and the joy-that's what makes us but remember it's yours!

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