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An Open Letter to the Emerald Triangle

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by absurdist, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Dear Supposed Masterminds,

    I am highly horrified to find out that there are those among you who oppose legalization on the basis of lost profits. I think we all have taken notice of the recent articles of Humboldt county growers griping about the drop in demand and price.

    To those who count themselves among this sad and sorry group, you are no longer with us. You are that slimy chimera we have been fighting all our lives. The pusher, the dealer, the asshole who is more concerned about his pocket book than your safety or comfort. This is why we want legalization. So we don't have to deal with you greedy fucks for one more second. I have heard the complaints, but I will say that I would much rather buy marijuana in a licensed and taxed situation a la Amsterdam than fear the tentacles of the DEA and every jack booted blue shirt that sees me as a quota-booster.

    If you oppose legalization on the grounds of your lost profits, I hope every seed you plant turns to dust. I hope the DEA breaks down your door and violates your security and income. Why? Harsh? You deserve it. You have shown that you are nothing but a greedy dealer, and should be dealt with as such.

    Yes, you made a killing during prohibition. So did the gangsters, the cartels, the gangs during alcohol prohibition. But did you deserve it? You leveraged the risk against us and now that Mecca is on the horizon, you quiver.

    My advice? Fall back in love with the plant that you have debased to dollars and cents. Then go get a real job.

  2. Wow... Holy shit.... I agree with every word
  3. great post my man. Completely agree with what you said, I couldn't believe that those hombolt fucks oppose this legalization over money. Honestly, they are millionaires right now, how much money do you relaly need?

    Its a society thing at this point. It should have nothing to do with the money, it should have to do with stopping the disgusting raids, the illegal searches, the ruining of kids futures over a gram of pot, the overcrowded jails, violence in mexico,etc....

    you hombolt farmers disgust me
  4. agreed.

    and maybe we should specify that it is not all of Humboldt county that were irritated at, just those select few that are opposing legalization for their own gain.

    i don't care how many years in growing experience you have, i dont want your stinky sticky greed bud.
  5. agreed. when i heard that emerald triangle growers were against legalization my jaw hit the floor. its completely selfish to oppose legalization so you can continue to turn high profits for your bud at the expense of the lives and liberty of everyone else.

    its against the one love mentality of the herb.
  6. SIGNED, totally agree 100%.

    even when legalization comes, the emerald triangle has such a headstart in experience that the quality they can produce with breeding and genetics could easily produce a decent income... the selfishness is totally mindblowing considering the industry they're in. if they want profit, get into big pharma, oil, and other scumbag industries so everyone can know what you're about ($$$$, not the people or the herb)
  7. It really blows my mind when someone who is so well equipped to enter a legal market like these guys (best strains, great land, good infrastructure, loads of experience, etc...) balk at losing their black market profits.

    So you will only make $5 million legally instead of $15 million illegally while your customers are dodging the law? FUCK YOU.

    The best bud is the bud grown with love! Glad all mine comes from growers who are all in favor of complete legalization and who do what they do simply because they love the plant.

  8. seriously this is the most shocking part lol theres a reason people want it legal, its cos EVERYONE LOVES WEED. WE WILL STILL BUY IT LOL.
    plus when legalization comes, it will be a slow process. first it will only be legal in a couple places (cali will definitely be AMONG the first, if not the first, along with oregon/washington)

    so initially the tourism will increase so much they'll probably be making waaaaaay more at first, until its available for everyone (not just californians)
  9. Yea man right on I say fuck humboldt county...plenty of other people would be willing grow marijuana legally fir whatever money. Quit being greety bastards and just grow u shouldn't need alot of money anyway..life is more about money and riches, enjoy life smoke a joint and take a nice walk around the beautiful area u fucks are in and be cool and join your good old weed brothers ad sisters..were all connected by the weed.
  10. Right on. Growers that are against legalization because they might lose some money are greedy, but I would never wish federal agents upon anyone who was just growing plants even if they were only doing it solely for personal gain and were against legalization.

    Anyways, +rep. :hello:
  11. I don't know one grower who makes 15million growing and selling bud. Those are few and far between, even in Emerald. Most growers end up making around 20-30k per year. Growers aren't trying to be greedy by any means. When 75% of your county's economy relies on the marijuana trade then of course you would oppose it. Also, there are still plenty of people who agree with legalization. They realize that Mendo and Humboldt are the mecca's of cannabis and when marked legal, it will be a huge tourist attraction. It will be the US's Amsterdam, if you want to call it that. Plus many growers understand that there bud won't drop much in price because of its high-grade that even the government growers won't be able to reach. Think.

  12. you have entirely TO MUCH hate for people who broke the law to produce a produce which you use, and love. no one in there right mind should EVER wish the DEA upon someone. ...ever! or any kind of raid at someones house.

    im so sick and tired of reading these posts about fuck humboldt and the emerald triangle.

    i have been biting my tongue most of the time because i have so much to argue that most growers in that area are NOT again legalization. most are preparing for it.

    read this blog entry: Good News isn’t Sexy: The Untold Story of How Many Growers are Willing to Sacrifice

    and if you have the time and you are actually interested in the emerald triangle, poke around the rest of the blog. she is not just a nobody. she is a local and writes wonderfully. plenty of awesome 'grower tales' as i call them on there also.

    she also writes for GROW magazine.
  13. oh absolutely I'll consent that there are growers within the emerald triangle that are wholesome, honest, lovable people.

    and im even sure they outweight the skeezy slimy money grubbers.

    Im sure the ratio is something like 9 good ones to 1 bad one; not really saying anything about that.

    and surely, the folks of infinite wisdom and spirit in the Triangle have certainly been growing some of the most magical herb of all time.

    yes yes yes, appropriate asskissing where needed...

    BUT, no sad picture painted of any aging farmer is going to dissuade me of thinking poorly on those who oppose legalization due to profits.

    like i said before, if you've been making all of your subsistence off of artificially inflated prices during prohibition, and growing weed will no longer be viable after legalization... GASP! you could get a different job! is that so horrible?

    is it so horrible, Emerald Triangle Assholes (ETA's for now on), that you might be... shock and AWE!... out of a job like... the rest of us? that you might actually have to count your chips and tally your worth, aside from the years of fantastic bud you've grown? skipped college because you were setting up operations? hmmm, poor mistake. might look at going back now. all the money you were making in your teenage years drift you out of high school? i hardly feel sorry.

    thats damn right i have a lot of hate in my heart for these dirtbags. and more so than for the DEA! why? at the very least, a DEA agent might believe in the job he or she's doing to provide for their family. I can consent that. but there is no fucking way in this great and infinite universe that those ETA's can rationally disregard the public demand for safety with their weed for the sake of their profits. because, unlike you lucky ones on the west and northeast coast, who have legal provisions for your protection...

    i, and many others, live in America's Dangling Participle, or Dingleberry. and johnny law hates my hobbies with a passion down here.

    once again, yes there are good ones. im talking about the bad ones. if your meemaw is a good one, i would love to have some tea with ya'll.
  14. I laugh at Humboldt being the Amsterdam of America...are you kidding, I hope that area will never become a tourist desitination. I'm guessing that L.A. and Oakland are going to be the areas in California that grow the most as tourist attractions.

    Why would people come to Cali to go visit hicksville, the culture is disgusting and I wouldn't want visitors to see the people that live there.

    I doubt the growers in Humboldt are honestly hoping for Legalization like us, that article proves nothing.

    Taking advantage of buyers and the law is soon coming to an end Emerald Triangle peeps. Have fun trying to make a living like everyone else in America.
  15. well to that, id say tourism has different venues.

    for example... the most yuppy of the wine tourist will visit all tasting rooms in and around Fishermans warf, and maybe across the bridge.

    the more dedicated of the tourist will take say the wine train through some of the valleys

    the most dedicated will personally locate and visit discreet vineyards at their choosing scattered across nothern california.

    if that sort of things happens, yes, san francisco, oakland, la, these will be like the Amsterdams, the big cities with lots of weed tourism opportunities and showings. itll be easy to get a california weed experience there if you dont want to travel.

    but the more demanding tourist might want to get a little more nerdy with it, might want to get a peak at the counties that historically grew the most and best weed, etc etc.

    you never know.
  16. I used to not want it to be legalized, just decriminalized. So dealers could make money and users be safe.

    But after a lot of thinking (and getting out of the hustle'n game) i fully support legalization.

    once its legal for a while, i'm sure 8ths will still cost $30-50.

    dealers/growers can still sell on the black market.

    at $10 an 8th, you still make $1280 a lb. at $20 its $2560.

    so if you still got all your friends to come to you, to get it a little cheaper than what the stores or w.e sold it at, there's still room for profit.

    ya it would be hard to grow, and sell to dealers, then dealers sell to customers. but i don't care, i can't stand all the bullshit middle man crap anyways.

  17. That's what I was thinking dude, I am saying to myself fuck man those fuckers are soo lucky because they get to be some of the first when that shit goes legal! That's a fucking gold mine to those first few.
  18. everyone is acting like their gonna go out of business. with their experience i can think of 2 things they could do. they could buy more land and grow larger crops to keep up with competition or they could join a company as a "head grower" and oversee other workers.

    and if it really takes a personal touch to grow the best than mass produced bud wont be the quality of their bud and their bud will sell for more. they need to stop being pricks. legalization is a huge opportunity for them.

  19. That's exactly how I feel about it. Growers would be the main people they target when shit goes legal. Because if you don't have experience in an area of something, how would you be expected to start growin crops like it's nothin. When Marijuana becomes legal, I'm sure the most created/open job field in that year would most likely be Marijuana Growers.
  20. I distinctly remember watching on of Craig X's videos on Temple420org and he was referring to this exact subject...go check it out.

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