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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TokingWhiteGuy, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. alright It started out i was at the house by myself, no weed, so i decided i was going to trip off robitussin cough gels. Hell i havent done them in like a year so i figured id do it again.
    I took 40 of those little red fuckers, NNAASSTTYY, so i got sick and puked and all that good stuff, but i was trippin balls afterwards. I was playing call of duty 5 and my buddy comes over with a quarter.....ive never got high and tripped on dxm before at the same time.
    So we smoked a blunt and a half.....and goddamn i was gone.
    Thats all i wanted to smoke, i was trippin like something serious.
    My friend decides lets goto walmart.
    On the way there i thought i was in a video game, i didnt even go in walmart i stayed in the car and just sat there staring out the window, i was thinking about something hard but i cant remember.
    anyway we got home around midnight and i got all my blankets off my bed and made a pallett in my floor for some reason and went to sleep.
    I just woke up and im sobered up now, but damn.....i forgot how good it felt to trip off DXM, i used to do it alot but i stopped for a while.....probably not gunna do it again for a while, but it feels good.

    anyone else out there like DXM? :)
  2. I don't think I'm a huge DXM fan but whenever you're out of bud it's always the best when a buddy just randomly stops by with bud and wants to smoke with you. It's like some type of ESP thing going on.
  3. It's the "friend in need" radar. Lets you know when you're homie's trying to smoke but doesn't have anything to smoke!

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