An ok temp and humidity?

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    how is temp an humidity can some body please advise? Thank you

    28.5c is around 74•f

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  2. Any one please can you tell me is this an ok temp and humidity inside my tent? Thanks
  3. Are you in veg or flowering
  4. Sorry i should have said currently just vegging...
  5. Are you in veg or flower? I would have thought that 75f is pretty perfect for your plants either vegging or flower and 56% RH will be ok if vegging but I might suggest trying to lower it by 10% or so if flowering.
  6. Temp around 75 to 80 humidity 60 to 80 flowering should be 68 to 74 75 humidity 40 to 60
  7. Exellent thank you! Have a 4" extractor fan and ducting arriving tomorrow, do you think that will help bring down humidity in flower? Thanks again
  8. What size room do you have you may need something a little bigger
  9. 160cm x 80cm x 80cm only small
  10. Can you put that in feet for me I'm from California
  11. Lol sorry dude damn metric system

    It's around 5.5ft x 2.5ft or there abouts.
  12. I have a 4 foot by 4 foot 6 1/2 feet tall. I run a 6" can fan attached to that is a carbon filter and its running almost at high with a 6" home depot intake fan
  13. Yeah 4" barrel fan is what I'm getting have a carbon filter already just waiting on ducting and this fan.. I'll keep an eye on the humidity once it is set up if
    Needs be I'll add another fan when it comes to flowering. But if you say yours is twice the width as mine nearly with a 6" fan then I'm guessing i should be good. I've been told it's a good fan and nearly silent too being a barrel fan.
  14. You should be good how jot does it get where you live
  15. Dude I'm I. England the weather is f'kin terrible man. It's been hitting about 79 over the last couple of days very humid but this summer has been near enough non existent for us Brits like 72f maybe 75 at best. Cali sounds great would love to get over at some Point. But any way thanks for help dude much appreciated.
  16. It's been 90 to 95 all summer its been a bitch trying to keep the heat down
  17. This is my great white shark. I saved her from my dad who had her on a windowsill she was severely stretched she is now 14 weeks old only 17 inches I've had her under 200 watt of light for about 4 weeks now and she seems to love it started doing some LST to get a bit bushier gonna 12/12 in about 3 weeks and see what she does

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  18. If you want to see pics of the plant I'm growing go to the growroom and design forum click on WHEELCHAIRS
  19. Cool will do that! Forgot to add I'm growing in an attic so it's stays quite warm up there but gets too hot when sun is out(rarely happens lol) but having window fitted as we speak so should be cooler by then. Thanks again buddy good to have some decent help!

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