an odd sensation while meditating

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  1. For about 6 months I have been diving into the world of meditation and recently (the past few weeks or so) while I've been meditating I feel this subtle vibration throughout my whole body. It's not necessarily a positive or negative feeling, just odd and it also kinda feels like I'm going somewhere, as if my body is beginning to float off somewhere.

    Now I have read that this sensation of your body vibrating has something to do with entering an out of body state, and it kinda feels like that's almost what's happening but I can't quite get there.

    Could someone please help me out with what exactly is going on, or has anyone else had experiences similar to this?
  2. I used to meditate. That's your bodies vibration, man. It's the energy you put off into the world.
  3. Ignore it. It's irrelevant. Watch your breath.
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    Your body does in fact have a natural vibration... one can sense this vibration through the heartbeat. Oftentimes when you meditate you begin to become aware of this subtle vibration.

    When you feel you are floating off you are simply beginning to enter a state reminiscent of the one you enter just before you fall asleep. If you continue to venture further into that state without having any thoughts and with complete relaxation, you will likely have what many call an "astral projection". In reality you would be entering a state similar to a lucid dream... often times people mistake this state for an actual journey into the true astral plane. Many more learned people actually can project to the astral plane but it is a much more advanced, and risky, matter.

    If you want to take things further I can help. When you get deep into a meditation, try breathing rhythmically. This will put your breath in harmony with the rhythm of the body, and will greatly intensify the vibratory feelings.... you will, for lack of better words, be aligning yourself with the vibrations of your own personal universe.

    To breathe rhythmically, simply inhale for 8 heartbeats, hold for 4, exhale for 8, hold for 4, and so on. Depending on how fast or slow your heart beats you can also do 6,3,6,3 or 10,5,10,5.

    Usually when I do this in a deep meditation things get pretty wonderful.
  5. my feelings on meditation have become, "shit works". But, I don't know about all the stuff associated with it, chakras etc. But what matters is, through focusing on breathing your brain goes through some serious changes, pulled me out of deep despair/depression. Like the person above me said, it doesn't matter. None of your thoughts matter, only awareness matters while meditating.
  6. Thanks a lot for the help everyone, all very useful information. I had already known a somewhat decent amount about obe's and astral projections and have been trying to reach one for a while, hopefully I'll finally be able to now

    Without the proper preparations of the nadis, especially the main ones ida and pingala, a Kundalini ascension will be devastating to your body and cause massive damage to your nervous system.

    Just be content with meditating, and if you wish I could teach you guys Sukha Purvaka which is the most efficient means of attaining Nadi Shodhana which is purification of the nadi's. Also if you suffer from allergies or constant congestion of the nose it will clear that up within a few months if done properly.

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