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An inexpensive DIY grow light

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by StuntShine420, May 11, 2008.

  1. So I finally got sick of of using cheap single bulb round shop reflectors to try to grow with, so I designed my own. I ended up liking it so much I thought I'd share my idea with fellow growers.

    I started by building a simple rectangle of PVC pipe for a frame. I attached four standard light sockets I got from Ace Hardware. Add a couple splitters and bulbs and I had this. Let me know what you think or if you'd change anything.


    Now what I found to be the safest route was to run the wiring inside the pipe to not only help prevent shock but it actually looks really clean too.

    As for a reflector, I bought some sheet steel and bent it into the general shape like what I've seen on HPS lights online. This is it in my box running. Oh, in the second to last pic you can see only the power cord coming from the frame.... Clean....

  2. stealth box needs head room.... btw im just lookin for somethin to complain about...

  3. That's really cool man! How'd you do the wiring? I'm looking at designing the same kind of thing but couldn't get a good idea...
  4. i second that. i would love to know how you wired that.
  5. what you use to get those sockets securely fastened to the pvc
  6. Ok, The best way I can describe the wiring is this:


    and for added safety, I recommend using 100% silicone caulk around all exposed connections.

    as for holding the sockets down, I bought ones that have built-in angle brackets so I just used small wood screws. They seem to work well though.

    and by the way, this light is actually really bright. I have two 42w warm "red" cfls and the four on either end of the light I believe are 26w daylight "blue".
  7. why bother with a light like that when you can buy the real deal like a 250W HPS or MH that will be good for veg AND flowering. CFL's just don't have the LUMENS you need to get big buds.
  8. Some people don't have the money or the space for an HPS and for me I'm going simply for veg so I don't need a flowering bulb...
  9. and just an update, the light works well. I changed out my blue lights for reds since I'm flowering now.... I think it looks alot better for only 20 days since the previous pics. You guys think this would be enough to grow 2-4 autos? I've got some auto blueberry kush coming from the doc that my friend bought so we could get a rotating crop goin.


  10. i use CFL bulbs just like that, and i have been trying to find a good way to flower. what do u mean u traded your BLUE lights for RED lights to flower?
  11. that's great! clean as hell. +rep
  12. Blue=6500K=veg and Red=2200K=flower,Great job man and a +rep for the hard effort and explanation too.

    Maybe just after the final siliconing you could add extra protection by cutting lil 1-2" lengths of larger diameter PVC and then just cut a lil piece out so its a slightly open C shape and clip them over the exposed electrical connections for added protection,the silicone would hold it with the added spring effect of the C.;)
  13. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments. The idea came to me while I was blazed out of my mind, which for some reason makes me act like a perfectionist, I decided I wanted to have as many cfls I could comfortably fit in my grow area. It started as a real rig job but then I had to try to make it look better, then better and so on until I was satisfied..... Sorry, I don't even know why I just went on that rant... this weed makes you crazy...
  14. +rep.

    Good low budget design, how much did it cost total?
  15. The light cost me (without the bulbs) about $25 to build.

    About $1.50 for a 10ft piece of PVC (Home Depot)

    About $7.50 for a piece of sheet steel (Home Depot AC ducting section)

    About $16 for the light sockets (Ace Hardware The link below show the ones I used but you can buy single ones at the store) http://www.acehardware.com/product/i...Id=35524123184

    Not counting the lost time going back and forth to ace hardware and the Depot, it prob took me about 2 hours to build.
  16. Wow, I need more lights in my Veg setup and this is fucking PERFECT!
    +rep man, that's such a badass design.
  17. nice one wish i knew about this when i started out ... could of saved $$$ and cut back on cooling
  18. me too, but i will be happy wit my 400 watt hps/mh light in the end, and when i build my own grow box!
  19. Wow,great job!
  20. Great enginuity, very clean and well planned, I like it... maybe some day i will build one for a veg light.

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