"An Inconvenient Truth"

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  1. I should have clarified what i was posting there...



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    You watched this yet? its the film! watch it here now! watch it from a higher plane, and know that we can fix this!
  2. There's a torrent of the DVD rip live and kicking right now, usual places.

    I'm sure, if Al Gore is as sincere as I believe he may be, he wouldn't mind at all if we downloaded it (as opposed to purchasing it), so long as we watch it.

    It might even be worth emailing him to see. If he said yes, it would certainly add credibility to his "green-ness". There's no greener way to distrbute media than torrents.


    ps. I read this whole thread. Yesterday. Took me a day to recover.
  3. I found it on mininova and started downloading it. I wonder why mother doesn't shake us off like fleas, when I take a look around and see everything that we are doing to her and have done. I love her all the more, she's so forgiving and all around beautiful. It's so time to mother earth.
  4. when i saw this movie was coming out i was very happy. Then I saw that Gore was leading the campaign and i thought to myself "oh great now conservative bitchs have a reason to dislike and not believe this movie." Knowing how F'ed up all the conservatives that i know personally are, I knew they wouldnt even give anything that is connected with a democrat a chance. Even though hes not even trying to profit hes just helping save the earth for our children

    So what do i see next? Bill OReily(i consider him the U.S. conservative leader AKA the devil) talking all shit. Also everytime the media talks about the movie they have to mention Gore. It literally brought a tear to my eye. It jsut really upsets that not everyone supports helping the earth

    Why do people live in an imaginary world where they think we can just pollute the planet as much as we want with no penelties? Mabye because they profit from pollution? Mabye because their selfish and dont care about the future? Mabye their to much of a macho man to care? I dunno. but i do know that the U.S. conservatives are the most fucked up people ive ever met.

    P.S. The National Geographic channel and the Science Channel always have shows on that PROVE GLOBAL WARMING!
  5. anyone who made their art/movie/music to be audienced wouldnt mind it being spread around, even if financial income was a secondary motive, its still good news for them because it's the best type of advertising one can get. only when financial income was the sole purpose, and the quality of what was being disseminated was known to be inferior would it then be a problem.

    thats why its people like metalica that have a problem with MP3 sharing.
  6. I love this topic...
    A couple of you may not want my ass to jump back in, but I really gotta ask. I did it to myself when I got all emotional about it and strayed from the fact that I wanted an answer. The numbers I posted before were scientifically determined numbers acquired under the same standards as Al Gore's. What I really wanted out of you folks was an answer as to why these numbers argue with yours. Who's lying? And how? I actually just saw the film in it's entirety for the first time tonight and I find it hard to believe this could be with such a tiny human involvement percentage wise. I cannot, and never could despute that global warming is happening. It just seems to me like we're not quite sure why, and if we accept Al Gore's proposal to fix it and it doesn't work, we'll be kicking ourselves in the ass when we realize he was wrong and it's too late. I'll end with that.

    Edit: I just thought of something. They show the graph a million times, the one of CO2 levels going up and down, gradually increasing. Well chew on this for a bit: he gives the reason for the up and down motion as the difference in vegetation of the hemispheres. Also, a larger percentage of the land in the southern hemisphere has suffered and still suffers deforestation than the northern hemisphere, as well as containing more of the third world countries. What if the increasing trend is actually the ability of the southern hemisphere to consume CO2 diminishing to a point where it can't handle it's share, and each successive year more and more CO2 is left behind that the northern hemisphere, while in the sunlight and the graph is falling, doesn't make up the difference. Maybe the planet needs both its lungs to survive.

  7. It would be better to err on the side of caution than it would be to continue plowing ahead as we are with reckless abandon. This is our home, more importantly we have a relationship with this planet that transcends spirituality, science, and the wildest imagination. We must preserve her, not exploit her, she has ever been our loving mother while we've acted like nothing more than errant stepchildren.

    We have not been good stewards to this world.

    Let's put aside global warming for a moment and think about how our species has impacted the myriad of other organisms we share this world with. So many beautiful things have been driven into the great goodnight for greed and the needless expansion of us.

    There's room for debating the numbers sure, but while we debate the natural world is being subjected to the careless whims of the human heart.

    "The role of humankind is to use the cultural and social environment it has created to devise new global values.... Human relations with nature are intimately bound up in interpersonal relations and with the relation of the self and its inner life."

    <O:p</O:p<CITE>~Daisaku Ikeda, "A New Strategy for Environmental Protection", p.2. ~</CITE>
    <CITE></CITE><O:p</O:pPlease stay green.
  8. So then why simply place emphasis on CO2 and global warming? I agree the human race has acted as more of a plague to this planet than an integral part of it, but if we're going to try to make amends, there are a lot of aspects of modern life that need to be changed. I guess this is a good start, but Gore gives me the idea that this is the key. It doesn't seem to me that CO2 is the only cause of global warming, and fixing our emissions, thinking we've found the answer instead of continuing to research other factors, will only waste time as the problems get worse.
  9. i couldn't agree more with the insinuation, that this is not the big issue when it comes to taking care of the life on the skin of planet earth.


    it is a known carcinogen.

    it is a non-biodegradeable catalyst to cancer.

    it's effects are cumulative and never ending.

    and pharmaceutical and cosmetic super corporations are pumping out more than ever before and increasing the rate of acceleration of production...

    anyone else see the flaw in this grand vision?

    just one more example of thousands.

    yeah, big picture communism was wrong, short term gains capitalism is right.
    :rolleyes: forgive the dualism example, but seriously, we have to end the capitalist empire or so radically change it beyond all recognition
    yep, i also agree that gore's solution suggestions, like kyoto's, do not go far enough.

    i would say stop combusting petrochemicals from crude oil all together, and save that valuable resource for plastics or... who knows what else.

    CO2 is not only a cause of global warming, but also an effect of Global warming, and so you see the dangerous cumulative effect. we have been fast punching through the safety barrier that nature has previously been well equipped to readdress the balance.

    this is mutual assured destruction for all life on earth IF we allow shareholders' profits to be our sole guiding principle.

    the technologies to avert these disasters have been around, well, always really. but more and more have always been cropping up.

    the water powered car, 1969.

    advances in hydrogen fuel systems including getting hydrogen fuel from solar power, right throughout the 20th century, and even more so in the past 7 years.

    Biomass fuels, pre-date crude oil, petroleum, diesel...
    Biomass fuels from hemp could fuel the world with less than only 5% of agricultural resources devoted to it!

    Zero point energy...

    and that fine chap Tesla... didnt he scratch the surface of infinate energy?

    as for the arguing on numbers... when you take a snapshot... or when you look at the wavey line the graph draws, both draw a very different picture, and it is true that it is possible the picture can be construed to depict any image one wants. ever be standing on an edge, only to have someone shove you forward to the edge, then pull you back, saving you from falling over from their push, and hear them say "saved you"... it's kinda like that happening. the pull back has been held back from us, but seemingly not to have someone say "saved you", but to have someone say how rich they are when the final count is taken. i say fuck those people. dont let there be a final count. let their money become worthless, let a new version of ecconomics come forth that is compassionate and considerate on a wholistic level.
    the next year will see the birth of new technologies far beyond mainstream's wildest expectations... transporters/teleporters and replicators are coming. quantum computers and time travel are here.

    anyways, with all these new technologies there's still one solution that is unbeatable, for it's simplicity and completeness...

  10. Thanks guys that really cleared things up for me. I read a statistic that if each home in America replaced one incandescent bulb with a CFL, we could eliminate the most polluting power plant in the nation. Imagine if we replaced TWO lights! What if we used LED's?! It just blows my mind how everyone can be so ignorant (I throw this word around a lot, but goddamn this country has earned it) that they can't take the 5 minutes and 5 bucks to make a little difference that adds up to a lot. You'd think that the cost savings in the electric bill would be enough incentive for this greedy culture. I actually had no idea of all the consequences global warming had already wrought, and it's more disturbing than I thought. Well lazy pigs of America, I'm doing my part. I just bought two LED grow lights :cool:.
  11. :)

    yeah, thats the kind of thing that reminds me of a christian saying that goes something like "even the work of the devil will ultimately serve god's will". Greed as a motivating factor can still be used to save us all... but only if we shift the goals around so it has that beneficial effect rather than the degenerative destructive one.

    yes, going environmentally savvy, going green, really is better economically! it can save you loads of money!

    how much fuel do you have to buy when you have everything running off solar, wind and zeropoint?
  12. Hey digit, quick question. I ran into some serious disbelief on zero point technology. Personally, all the data conveyed through my laptop screen gives me good confidence in the possibility of its existence and our ability to tap it. But there is a lot of opposition out there claiming it to be a hoax. I haven't dug into enemy territory too deeply yet, but so far it seems as valid an opposition as the drug war. As I understand zero point, it makes sense. In your opinion, is its supression due to fact or fear?

    Ok that wasn't so quick. Peace...
  13. how about all the great minds that this world has, instead of thinking of the next product to market try to put their heads together and finD something more energy savy... it'S A PRETTY EASY CONCEPT TO UNDERSTAND!

  14. haha, to me, that's quick. always gave me a chuckle when reading "sorry for the long post" when it's only a paragraph long. haha. oh how shortned some people have allowed their attention spans to become. american TV has been very effective at reducing people's attention spans to only around 5 to 20 seconds. anyways... your question...my answer...
    in my opinion it has been suppression due to fact or fear.
    i know you wanted me to seperate it and pick one, but it's been both probably.
    heck, cold fusion had probably been achieved and kept under wraps too!
    but who needs cold fusion when we have energy by motion, zero point energy, water fuel, and all the classic renewables. Like i've said before, once these are let loose in the public and increase in popularity, the issue of the next century is not going to be finding enough (due to the end of manufactured lack), it's going to be keeping the impertinent negligent little kids hands off the global thermostat.

    energy savvy?
    that could mean alot of things.
    but how about this...
    savvy finances and marketting.
    one of the most comon impediments to switching to green personal energy production is this perception that it costs them more.
    lets just take Thin Film Solar as an example for now.
    maybe some of you would like to start this company yourselves....
    the deal as markteted, is to replace current bills with ones cheaper by a %, and within around 3 years to have COMPLETELY ELIMINATED FUEL BILLS ENTIRELY. easily done. Thin Film photo voltaics is so cheap these days. less than $400 for a larger than man sized sheet of it! three or 4 of those and you could power an energy efficient house. then the national grid becomes merely a backup if connected to it at all.
  15. www.peswiki.org and be sure to find the videos section, and the best videos section where they selected the most entertaining/enthralling/information intense videos
  16. i really beleive the earth is going through a natural cycle but in no way does that mean we shouldn't conserve. global warming or not - we are still too messy and inefficient in our ways. sometimes it just takes a little thought.

    i tell ppl when i want a house - i want a 2 story cape with a garage underneath, and a basement under that - they think i'm nuts.

    everybody i know seems to think it's this major inconveniance to use a stair and i tell them i'd save money and use way less heat. they think i'm nuts still. most ppl can't even grasp the simple concept that heat rises - they know it - they can understand it, but what i said was not what had been beaten into their brain 5 thousand times.

    i live in a place that's cold in the winter - u'd think ppl might consider that - but they'd rather quadruple their bills, and destroy the planet to avoid a stair - and they prob need the exercise anyway!!!!

    i have energy saving flouresent light bulbs (the twisty looking ones) and i shut them off when i leave the room - that's all i do to conserve electricity.

    my electric bill is 32$ and i don't know many ppl who's bill is less than 100$. even my neighbor - has the same apartment, same major appliances, two ppl - young coule w/similar lifestyle - their bill is 120! sometimes i just don't know what ppl are doing. i was shocked at how low my first bill was.

    i wish i could get those solar panels in my apartment! with how little i use i could prob make extra and sell it to the electric company. i think public buildings should be required by law to have solar panels and energy efficient stuf - if every public building was covered in as many that fit, think of how much energy and tax money would b saved!
  17. greenfairy stoppit! stop making me want to give you oodles of rep when i need to spread it around!



    did i mention my ideas for house design in this thread yet?
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    umm, ur all assholes!!!

    i'm gonna go use starving kids for target practice

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    hope u feel better digit :p
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