"An Inconvenient Truth"

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  1. Please Let the Truth be Heard!


    I just saw the movie an "An Inconvenient Truth" and I just couldn't stop crying after I walked out of the theater. First of all, let me fully vouch for my manhood. I can beat someone down fairy easily and people don't normally ever challenge me so I'm not a softy by any stretch of the imagination, but next to the unvarnished truth of this movie --which only affirmed what I already knew--I ain't shit. That's why I have to post it here, because nothing is more vital to our understanding of the universe than mother earth. I mean, we smoke and grow Marijuana who are better equipped to understand what faces our home than us?

    Let me break it down to ya GC, I'm a passionate believer in the goodness of man, the innate goodness at least so whenever I get an opportunity to dwell on that I do. Sorry if I seem to go on and on but I really feel like there are people on this site that believe the exact same things. I can't sit still or be quiet about the world ya see, not when there are so many things we can do to help her. Don't get me wrong bros I'm a down and dirty stoner, love pussy, straight shots of Jack Daniels, stoner jargon and stoner culture so I don't think I'm better than nobody. There are people on this site that are far smarter than me and I believe myself to be somewhat gifted.

    Please just go see the movie, not because it's going to impart you with some bit of knowledge you've never heard of before but because by going to see it you're making economic noise at the box office. Maybe corporate America will start listening and by reason of their greed impart truth to masses. If it worked for "The Passion of the Christ," it could work for a group of old and new age hippies too. (This is the texture of this modern age, it ain't true until we see it with our own eyes. Its utterly cynical, so utterly contemptuous of compassion and connection that I could vomit blood.)

    Think about how terrible it would be if you were cradling a dying loved one in your arms and then magnify it by six billion lost and desperate souls. Do you feel me?

    It doesn't have to be this way.


  2. I'm cynical about the future of our civilization.

    I reiterate to you again:

    "If there is hope, it likes in the proles"
  3. "Life's too beautiful to lose hope.
    Life's too beautiful to lose hope.
    Life's too beautiful to lose hope.
    Life's too beautiful to lose hope.
    Life's too beautiful to lose hope.
    Life's too beautiful to lose hope."

    ~From the hopeful stutter of AK Infinity~

    Stay green!

    i had seen Al Gores speach in about 2004, and i'm so glad many more will get to see this message now he has taken a leaf out of michael moores book of feature leangth documentarys with cinematic release.

    i have yet to see this, but i know whats coming... i know of nothing else that could inspire so much compassion for our mother earth in those of us seaping into a little too much seperation and disconnection. there is so much more joy to be had when living connected through the trials of truth.

    6 billion?? nay, i find kindredness with all life on earth, from mamals to plants, from fish to algae, we are all one. an infinity of infinities contained in that one, we are not alone. consciousness of that oneness allows each part with that reccognition to cease harm, in reccognition that it only harms the self.

    go grow a tree, and buy a solar panel, take up study of our home, our cradle, this gaia, am, urantia, terra, earth or any other name you may have heard for the "third rock from sol". we can do so much, the universe awaits our actions, the consciouss being beneath our feet awaits our collective salvation.

    we are the ones we've been waiting for.

    Liberatae Tuta Meh! ;) love yas.

    see where we want to be in a hundred years from now? all that lush vegetation... mmmmm tis a wonderful world... let it be so. live it.
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    "Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents. It was loaned to you by your children."

    ~Kenyan Proverb~
  6. maybe time for a "warm war" rather than the "cold war"... lets bring gorbachev back, and give gore his rightful chance to show the world what america could be, saviour rather than doom bringer.

    i'm not saying this to start any political diatribical jibberish, just giving a nod and a wink to two of the greatest figures of power and their intensive eccological stance.

    if only all our world "leaders" were so inclined to do the right thing rather than the short term convieniences.

    ps, that kenyan proverb is so fiting. especially given that we (us tall walking apes) come from central africa, kenya area (barring additional alien gene theorys).

    also, that "we are the ones we've been waiting for" is from the "hopi"
  7. i think something needs to be done.....but i see this as mainly a political attempt by gore and the dems........dont think for a sec im bushes best friend, but politicians care very little. accept for politics.
  8. anyone know how to watch this online? or even some of the earlier versions of Al's speaches?

    ebinezer... have you seen it? if it looks like political maneuvering it must have really lost something from the work done to it by all the peeps who've turned it into a feature film.

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2078944470709189270 heres some trailers n stuffs. in the trailer you hear gore say its not a political issue but a moral issue......... i say it is a necessary survival issue. we ignore this, we die, in great suffering. and then truely all left will learn that ignorance is NOT bliss.
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    Hey bro I can understand your mistrust of the political establishment but what he's saying goes beyond the environmental lobby. Politicians have earned quite a reputation these days--deservedly so--but you have to look at the data, it's too pronounced for us to abdicate our personal responsibility in favor of an anti-political stance. Rome is burning goddamn it and we all have bloody fucking violins.

    In some ways it's easier to bash Al Gore so that people don't have to deal with the unpleasant reality of what we've done to this planet. Turn away if you wish but nothing good has ever come of apathy.

    “The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives.”

    ~Native American proverb~

  10. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2565436963450479963&q=climate

    here's an earlier version of gore's speach .... it takes a little while to get going as the initial speakers aren't quite as well experienced in public speaking. i'm sure there will be a few pieces not in the film and vice versa, so its not just for those who have yet to see the feature.
  11. I do not see a delegation
    for the four-footed.
    I see no seat for the eagles.

    We forget and we consider
    ourselves superior.

    But we are after all
    a mere part of Creation.

    And we must consider
    to understand where we are.

    And we stand somewhere between
    the mountain and the Ant.

    Somewhere and only there
    as part and parcel
    of the Creation.

    ~Chief Oren Lyons~

  12. ok people, if you say so. but why is Gore doing this? i havent really checked, but i dont think hes an expert on this. somewhere, someone really knows whats going on based on the research they have done. gore has nothing to do with it and just wants to gain a little popularity.
  13. Is it possible that he might actually believe in and know what he's talking about?

    "This is not a political issue, it's a moral one."

    ~Al Gore~

  14. Its possible he might know, but unlikley. Politicians are top notch actors, its no surprise that al gore has made it into a feature film. plus he did invent the internet so hes got connections.

    Someone wanted to make a film, they needed a face to prsent the facts, gore was willing to do it to gain back some mainstream attention, perhaps he really does care about the enviornmnet-- in fact im sure he does-- but it doesnt take away from teh fact that someone did research and all Gore did was spew out information he got from other places.

    The fact that Al Gore is the face for this film to me isnt a big deal, someone had to present the information, I think the reality of what the movie about is merrit enough to go check it out, as I plan on doing in the near future.
  15. I am about as left leaning as a person can get... I drive my car, which is very fuel efficient, only as a last resort or if riding my bike just isn’t realistic. I take every possible opportunity to conserve, recycle, and reduce my environmental impact. I'm also studying Environmental Engineering, and I hope to make a career out of protecting and repairing the environment. However, I am not fully convinced that Global Warming is actually being caused by human action.

    There have been dozens of periods of natural, abrupt climate change throughout the existence of our planet, with the most recent being about 5000 years ago. Most of them occurred before humans were even walking the earth. There is more and more evidence that suggests this may be one of those periods, and many leading scientists, including those who once supported the theory of human caused global warming are starting to accept the evidence. In fact, there is mounting evidence that the planet is actually entering a global cooling stage. Many countries are currently experiencing record low temperatures (the US included), and according to the near clockwork cycle of ice ages throughout history, the next ice age is set to begin by 2012, if it hasn’t begun already.

    A month ago if you had tried to tell me that global warming wasn’t real, and that humans weren’t causing it I would have laughed in your face. I was recently challenged to back up my claims for global warming with some hard evidence and data, and the more research I do, the more I’m starting to disbelieve the whole concept of global warming. I’m definitely on the sidelines for this issue, but I try to do everything in my power to protect the environment, and I think everyone should be doing the same to ensure a better future for our planet.

    The fact of the matter is, no one knows for sure if global warming is for real. If there was enough evidence to prove the theory, there wouldn’t be any debate, and the entire human race would be breaking its back to curb emissions and build an infrastructure for alternate energy sources. There are plenty of REAL problems plaguing humanity today. War, poverty, disease, racism, etc should not take a back seat to anything.

    For a final thought, consider this… Fear is a powerful tool used by corporations and governments alike, and the fear of global warming is generating billions of dollars each year from ridiculously overpriced “green” products and services. Companies will do anything to earn that extra dollar, even if it means exploiting the good intentions of people trying to protect the environment.
  16. Let's not use the word "fear" then, let's use the words "shared responsibility" instead because we should all accept some for how we each impact the world. As interesting as a concept as "green" profiteering might be it's the big polluters that are laughing all the way to the bank, they're betting on the general cynicism and skepticism of the population to continue to fill their coffers and the air with their materialism.

    "The fact of the matter is, no one knows for sure if global warming is for real."


    Thanks for doing your part bro but I would seriously reconsider the data if I were you because the exact opposite of what you're saying is true. Researchers are actually pretty unanimous about whether or not there is global warming, what's really at issue is whether people will be stirred enough to believe it for themselves. Also, could you pm me or post this thread with some of the evidence that has you confused about this phenomenon? I'm very interested to see what put you on the fence.


    "War, poverty, disease, racism, etc should not take a back seat to anything."


    I submit to you that these things are happening in the world because man is losing his connection to mother earth, and are in fact not separate issues but part of the greater problem of our relationship with this world.

    Stay green!

  17. um... he's been an environmentalist since the 80s... probably before... i suspect he mighta been a hippie. he does know his stuff. he advised clinton on the environment and shaped his policies and has been a familiar face on numerous fancy bigwig meetings on the environment. the guy does and has done and is doing his research. i think you're just trying to cast doubt to gain a little.... i dunno... why are you doing that? to convince yourself that the climate crisis isn't happening maybe?

    living really north (58deg) i can tell you we are witnessing it happening... and its accelerating. so too must our actions to prevent and reverse the disasters. do you think these spats of violent weather are just part of the earths natural biorythms?

    although, all you peeps south need not rush... it's nice getting a few hot summers up here :p before the oceanic currents switch off from the temp increases and we loose the gulf stream that warms our winters... then it will be so erratic that where i live will be uninhabitable in less than a few decades.

    remember after "9-11" and they stopped the planes... temp jumped globally, yes thats, GLOBALLY, because we're in a head&sholders syndrome. anyone use head and sholders? and what happens when you stop? the problem comes back. this is becase it strips you of your natural defences and makes you reliant on the chemical barrier.

    :laughing: yeah, thats got to be one of the most popular misquotes of the century. are you sure you're not a politician? with underhanded slights like that you sure know how to stab at someones reputation. but seriously... IF he's right, would you really want to diswade people from listening>?

    and that doesn't take away from the research OR the message. he even admits scientists did the research.

    no, no, no and no!
    ok, you set up your credentials very well. but to claim that climate change isnt effected by human actions is very partial and misleading. indeed there are many natural considerations that add to the situation (such as just last year, the planet started its 100,000 year cycle where it gets closer to the sun in it's orbit, and the sun's natural pulsations and sunspots), however that does not cover the effect we are seeing and the HUGE jump in the precursors, most obviously and undeniably, the CO2, or the depletion of the Ozone Layer.

    "There are plenty of REAL problems plaguing humanity today. War, poverty, disease, racism, etc should not take a back seat to anything."

    these issues will seem pretty fucking stupid when we're living under a blanket of ash rain fro a couple decades and all life on earth dies because we were as foolish in our opulence as the people of atlantis. look it up, the legend of Atlantis is a warning to us, a very real warning. we can't have war, poverty, disease and racism if there's no one left. GEDDIT!?

    If i were to sumate ALL of the world's problems, i could do so with one word...


    toxins of the mind, the body, the planet, the materialism, our behaviour, our thoughts, our foods, our cosmetics, our fuels, marketting, .... it all adds up, and has cumulative effects.

    indeed, when we realise we are not seperate from earth and indeed, part of it, we cannot escape the truth that what we do to harm things outside our human bodies (and within) only harms ourselves... and so... lets get cleaning up these toxins!

    PS, "green" products cost so much generally because they lack the large backing all our "grey" products have. they lack the initial kickstart funding to make it ecconomically viable and competitive with those who only consider the short term gains. for an example, the reason we don't have hemp paper(besides gov red tape & inclusion of "marijuana" in drug laws) is because to make it viable, and competitively priced means to make a large enough factory.. currently the biggest (if my info is still current) is not even a tenth the size it needs to be before we see that 5 times efficiency of hemp to trees kick in. and please... try to tell me that bleached and acid pulped trees are more ecco or enviro than hemp pulp that needs no acid or bleeching.... no. it's real, fucking accept it and tackle it. Fear aint got shit to do with it. acting out of fear makes us do stupid things, gore knows this, he doesn't want you to freeze like a rabbit in the headlights, he acknowledges this is about RESPONSABILITY! Accepting Responsability is a very liberating and empowering experience. don't give your power to those who are profiteering from shaping your ignore-ance. the peoples of the galaxy and further are watching us, children of earth... get with it! :p gurr... now look, you made me mad. :D
  18. i must back this up, to a full extent. people have, by my eyes, forgotten they actually have a brain to work with, and dismiss all ideas of using it. has it really come to an idealogic of this super tred of media ideas being the standard for the everyday train of thought? all i can say, is snap out of it.
  19. “It is called the Mystic Law because it explains the mutually inclusive relationship of life and all phenomena.... Life at each moment encompasses both body and spirit and both self and environment of all sentient beings in every condition of life, as well as insentient beings -- plants, sky and earth, on down to the most minute particles of dust. Life at each moment permeates the universe and is revealed in all phenomena.”

    <O:p</O:p<CITE>~Nichiren Daishonin, "On Attaining Buddhahood", The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol. 1, NSIC, Tokyo, 1979, p. 3.~</CITE>
    <CITE>"<O:p</O:p</CITE>We can no longer rely on 19th-century models of analysis for 21st-century problems.... Humans are an integral part of the ecology of the planet. The only lasting environmental solutions are those that take into account the dynamics of human society as well as those of natural systems."<O:p</O:p
    <CITE>~Dan Botkin Source: Wallace Kaufman, "How Nature Really Works", American Forests, March/April 1993, p. 60.~</CITE><O:p</O:p

    Open your eyes everyone, please...just open your eyes...

    Stay green!
  20. ok,

    enter the tangent...

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.



    my own aprx understandings of the translation which i try to keep in mind at least for the first time i say this mantra, a core piece of the nichiren buddhism:
    nam = i summon in me
    myoho = universal law (i highly reccomend you look this up, as it is most core, most... universal)
    renge = aprx something like the infinate reseeding reflowering of the heart, of the lotus (its difficult to translate)
    kyo = sutras, teachings, scriptures

    this is in sanskrit (i think) which is supposed to be the language most intune with the universe, so much so that if one was so clear in mind and pronounciation, one could "summon" anything by simply saying the word/words. stick that up your english! ;) :p

    it is said, (in the book i got my nichiren knowledge from) that this "mantra", along with reciting passages of ancient scriptures is the only way to remove all suffering. where most religions concern themselves primarily with danger, buddhism concerns itself more with suffering. kinda.

    ...since you mentioned Nichiren Daishonin school of buddhism.

    and so, every day, Nam myoho renge kyo. its more potent the more you focus on it and its meaning, for intent is worth SO much.

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