An Experiment: Does Being High Allow Your Gaming Skills To Kill More?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by christian, May 26, 2009.

  1. I am writing this as a plea to all others to inform me as to whether being high affects your gaming ability. I watched a series called "entourage" where a character named Turtle becomes really good at Fight Night whenever he is blazed. Recently i have found that whenever i play DOTA (warcraft 3 custom game) while high i become very relaxed and therefore my skills at the game actually improve quite a lot. Also when my friends and i play mortal kombat vs dc universe i find that we do play much better and definately enjoy it more.
    I am interested to find what others think about this and if they have any stories on how much they've improved or gotten worse at a game due to the effects of the illicit smile.

    PS i have also heard that geometry wars is an awesome game to play while high so i've definately got my next game in line to play
  2. Depends on how high I am, if I'm just supper ripped I tend to loose focus unless I put on some trance music then that makes me all like 'Fuckin a lets rip some shit up" then I go into like hyper pro gamer mode.
  3. I definitely play better in fps' and in adventure/RPG games i tend to get side tracked a lot and find myself spending a lot of time doing completely random/useless things.
  4. It depends on the game. FPS like Halo I begin to suck at. Colorful puzzle games like Tetris or muisc games like Bit Trip, my skills increase threefold.
  5. wait man u watch that series called entourage?? No Way Dude!!! :D

    for real tho i get exponentially better at games when im high. i used to play fifa 09 like it was my job (i will own anyone btw) and it got to the point where i would straight up refuse to play if i wasnt high. its just the way it had to be :smoking:
  6. The way I see it, it tends vary on the person in question.

    Myself. begin to suck at game's like. Tekken, Street Fighter ETC ETC...
    While I begin to destroy at game's like. Vega's 2, Mass Effect, Halo ETC ETC..

    May I add that. VIVA PINATA IS THE SHIT!!!!!
    That is all...Night folk's.
  7. well I found out that I don't get better, I just think im better because everything seems to badass. In reality I do way worse, but it feels like im owning the shit out of everything.
  8. yeah i'm weird, at team fortress 2, i get better much more aware, but fight night I get worse..i also am better high at geometry wars
  9. I get better and better the higher i get until i get too high and then i play like complete shit. But as long as im only pretty high im good to go.
  10. i suck when im too high...except for skate 2...but like halo..which im amazing at...i suck bad when im high
  11. I suck at DotA high.
  12. I like to hit vapes while playing COD4. If im playing sniper im unstoppable when im high. It really seems to improve my reaction time.
  13. Though I haven't kept statistics as such, after a joint or two my kill/death ratio do increase somewhat after a joint (or bong hit) or two. In CoD4 and 5 ofcourse. Not a big increase, maybe some 10-20%. The same effect can be obtained by a moderate amount of beer, say up to 4 bottles.

    But what I found smoking really helps with, is flying in the BF series. In BF42, BFV and BF2 I always had a joint before a clan-match and during halftime (mapchange). You get an entirely different flow, and you zoom around all that more smoothly. You don't panic when you get a bogey on your six or some twat in with AA threatens you, just calmly do the manouvers, providing you know them, and before the enemy can say "WTF!?", you're shooting or bombing his ass off :D

    I miss flying in BF, especially BFV and my dear MiGs. Could supress an entire opposite clan in those beauties :)
  14. Exactly. Put the right tunes on and shit goes crazy.
  15. FPS games, like Halo, I go 15-7 with 10 assists sober, but high I'll go 20-15 with 2 assists. When I'm high I lose all strategy and just go into search-and-destory mode.

    Sports games I stay the same, but it's funner to play high.
    Rock Band and puzzle/strategy games I get worse.
    I don't bother with adventure/RPG's when I'm high cause they usually feel too slow paced.
  16. I don't get high, but players on CoD WAW who admit to being high while playing get pwned.

    Sometimes I'll have a beer though. One beer and I get better, two beers and I get worse.
  17. I play Rock Band so much better when im high, i really get into that shit (i only have the drums:D). Also playing Halo online is fucking insane! especially when i get a sniper rifle, i got 5 head shots in about 15 seconds yesterday, also Age of Empires is the shit cuz i can think clearer and think up new and fucked up tactics that people online are like WTF?! lol

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