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  1. I was in Christiania in Copenhagen a while back (early 2000s-there was then a yellow plastic tent-bar named "woodstock" in there)...anyway, i sit at the barlike place and order a beer and light up one of the doobies i bought....the environment is markedly different than amsterdam...a bunch of danish people-some with their dogs-are in the tent and i am just sipping beer, toking away when a guy sits next to me....

    the guy is black (there is a reason for me mentioning his color)....we start talking and he eventually says something to the effect of: "dude, i am originally from Zimbabwe, (or an african country thereabouts starting with a Z) day i woke up and said "thats it...ive had enough of my third world surroundings" and then bought a few painter tools like brushes, paint, tripod, etc and just randomly started throwing paint all over the canvases...he said when he had made a large amount of "fine art paintings" to constitute a portfolio, he took them to the danish embassy there and said "hey, i am an artist and the people here do not understand me...i wanna apply for asylum"....and denmark said, apparently "ok"....and there he was....:)
  2. i hope you burn in hell
  3. Do you post in every thread in the real life stories section? But you did gave some helpful advice in my thread... :hello:
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  4. lmao!!! +rep!!
  5. you know im really not sure.. i just hop around through the internet wormholes
  6. Haha I understand, and thanks for the rep!
  7. Shit... that is inspiring story...

    May I share a story too? It's a bit related to your story...

    Well, I was in city of Lagos, Nigeria... and I'm sitting next to this guy at my hotel's business center... where they have the internet service.

    Anyway, this guy is black. And he says something like,

    "I'm an artist. I paint. And I have lots of paintings. And I'm going to Abuja (The capital of Nigeria) to do an exhibition, but I have no money for the bus ticket. Would you help a brother out and buy one of my painting for 10 bucks?"

    To which I said,

    "No thank you."
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  8. im long overdue for another tour of europe tho that is for sure....hehe...the first time i got to amsterdam i ended up feeding my socks to the geese (or ducks) in the canal in front of the central train station :):):)
  9. It's a true story. We had a quite a long conversation. I asked him why so many of you Nigerians send lame scam emails that nobody ever gives a damn, and he gave me a very legit answer.

    By the way, I've been trying to understand the meaning of your reply. Burn in hell? Why?
  10. me too...
  11. Another thing I'm trying to figure out.

    What the fuck are you laughing about? Pls tell me.
  12. What did he say? :eek:
  13. what is going on?
  14. oooookay....

  15. He said,

    "It's like buying a lottery ticket. You have slim chance of winning it, but if you do win it, oh boy..."
  16. stooge is a man of little words.
  17. He sure is... but his stories are pretty long...

  18. Fix'd.

  19. Thanks. I was going to add that, but you fixed it for me.

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