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amusment parks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jake1228, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. me and my friend need a way to toke without my brother and his friend finding out so we can ride some coasters totally baked any ideas would be a start and is hotboxing a problem since there is parking lot security?
  2. Don't hotbox, it's just stupid... son.
  3. yeah i think the smell would be pretty bad even after sitting for awhile
  4. Hotboxing does absolutely nothing but raise your chances of getting caught, son.
  5. It also gets u higher, and its fun to get outta the car and watch the smoke seep out so....put that in your pipe and smoke it mr collins
  6. i don't really think hotboxing gets you higher man.
  7. Ya it does, your breathing in smoke with like every breath and i kno it does bc there have been times it was so hotboxed i couldnt stand another breath and had to leave haha
  8. i could do the same thing with wood, and i'd have a hard time breathing later. if you can find a study showing that THC stays in smoke after we exhale and lingers after that, i'll agree with you. otherwise you're really just hurting your lungs by inhaling all the shit in the old smoke instead of clean oxygen.
  9. if it was me id sneak a toke somewhere discreet and just slowly exhale it out in small amounts so it would be untraceable.

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