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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mozzy38, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I am planning on going to Amsterdam, just a question though, do i need to carry my ID everywhere? I mean, i don't really fancy taking it everywhere i go as my only form of ID is a Passport, or do they always ask for ID?

    Also, Where is the cheapest places to buy good Weed from? Also wheres a relatively cheap but nice place to stay?

    Also, whats the rules on how much you can buy at one time, can you just go around and smoke freely on the streets? Or what..?

    Cheers guys, P&P!
  2. Hey I was just at Amsterdam 2 weeks ago.

    Yes Id advise you do take ID I have a baby face so I got asked for ID I joked around with one of the girls at Greenhouse(hot) saying that don't like I look 18 Im 22 :D? and she said "its good no :)" yes Passport is what I used.

    The cheapest is the best weed because its better, I highly recommend you go to Grey Area for the best weed but Greenhouse and Dampkring are better places to chill.

    I stayed at some dudes apartment and it was bad it had bed bugs but I was too high to notice, my Buddies stayed at a Hostel called Vondelpark Stayokay its next to Vondelpark(best place to smoke) and close by to the Bulldog and Damprking.. they said it was a great place to stay and lots of cool people.

    Im not sure how much you can buy.

    Can you smoke everywhere ? Yes I smoked at Vondelpark I took a Bike taxi and my driver was smoking while driving.

    Best strains I smoked

    Super Ultra Haze (Grey Area)
    Hawiian Snow (Green House)
    Super Lemon Haze (Green House)
    Sour Diesel (Dampkring)
    Kandy Kush(Grey Area)
    Cheese(Grey Area)

    Dampkring is my fav place followed by Greenhouse Nice girls at both.

    I highly recommend when you have the munchies get the Chips in a CONE!

  3. Yeah man, What were the girls like? ;)
    Also, chips in a cone is delish!
    Cheers for your input bro!
  4. Ive just travelled all around Europe.


    Have the best girls for me.

    I had a Polish Blonde girl hit on me in the greenhouse who works there but I was with my gf :)

  5. lol, shoulda ditched your gf ;)
  6. I was in Amsterdam two weeks ago, never got ID'd once. I'm 18 but look a little older. Going back in a few days. Weed is pretty good. Cheap for Texas but might be somewhat expensive for medical states. Women are good there, but better in Budapest hehe. Don't forget the Redlight District... ;D

  7. Nah man, i'm not so much for hookers...

    But cheers anyway :p
  8. Just got back from dam today. Was brilliant. We stayed at Hans Brinker Budget hotel which is the cheapest hotel in amsterdam but its like a prison haha, ok if you just want somewhere to sleep.

    My favourite coffeeshop was hill street blues for a good place to chill and grey area for cheapest weed. Lost in amsterdam is also a good bar, its very chilled out and you can buy alcohol and smoke weed inside (they seem too not like letting you smoke with alcohol)

    If you like to PARTAY hard theres a decend rave called trouw, theres not many tourists there though as its a pretty underground scene.

    We got ID'd in most places and they only except driving license or passport.

    You can smoke weed almost anywhere but not tobacco becasue of the smoking ban in europe.

    Id recommend planning where you want to go before hand and make a map and do everything in a weekend, this seems to be what most people do.
  9. dude, i just got back from dam a few weeks ago and you will need ID.
    re: the coffe shops, it's all about Barney's. They won last years cannibas cup for Liberty Haze, which is amazing btw. they got a ton of amazing strains; laughing buddha, g13 haze and some of the most expensive hash i've ever seen.
    Dampkring was alright, but u cant wear cap inside and it wasnt super comfortable to chill for long periods.
    and for some strange reason, we found ourselves hanging out at Bulldog alot, as it was summer it seemed to have the only outdoor smoking area. (amazing White widow here, was half price when i was there too)

    if you're there to try as many bomb ass strains as possible; then i recommend lookin up previous cup winners and searching out the coffee shops that won.
  10. This whole thread sounds AMAZING. Roadtripping it next month :D
  11. if you can try and find coffeeshop resin, they have some great weed and its pretty cheap, although the price of weed is pretty much standard anywhere you go (10-15 euros/gram). Check out their candy kush & nyc diesel
  12. Why dont you guys ever mention hash its all about the hash when you visit the DAM

  13. Yeah, Dutch quality hash is the best. I recommend some type of iceolator hash as that's the best imo.
  14. very expensive, although you do have to buy atleast a g/week in the dam as unwritten law. For me, when i went to amstedam, i wanted to try as many different strains as possible, and i can smoke weed faster than i can smoke hash
  15. Thanks for all the replies!

    Anybody know any strains that you just HAVE TO try? Like, Strong ass dankity danks?


  16. Super Ultra Haze at Grey Area
    Hawaiian Snow at Greenhouse
    Sour Diesel of course.

  17. hash menu

    royal morrocan



    watch out for icolaters alot of them are a rip, try blueberry noonshine 40 euros a gram, very strong.

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