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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fatasspete, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Hey guys going amsterdam in a few weeks, anyone reccomend any nice cheap hotels ?
  2. Take a tent and spend hotel money on weed.
  3. Oh jealous!
    I really want to go this year aswel, it's one of those things that keep getting mentioned and never happens, got to get the wheels going and just go!
    I also wondered what the prices would be like for accomodation.
    I hear the prices of beer are pretty high. Not sure about the weed.
    Where do you have to travel from?
  4. The hotel I stayed in was good. They allowed smoking in the rooms and you don't have to lodge with strangers. I can't remember what it was called but it was directly across from the Dampkring coffeeshop. And it was cheap for the rooms. It was also right next to the red light district, some good bars and a lot of awesome coffeeshops
  5. Was that a hotel or a hostel?
  6. Weed is amazing dank 10€ a g. Hash can be a lot more expensive. Beer and cigarettes are really expensive, I got 1 pack of rolling papers 1 Lighter and 10 cigarettes and it was 12€.
    Hookers = 50€ for standard fuck;)
  7. Hotel. That's what I meant by you don't have to lodge with strangers.
  8. One thing I would definetly recommend would be go to the greenhouse coffeeshop it's got an amazing selection of weed and food lol and they have a clear floor with a massive fish tank under it. It trips you the fuck out!
  9. ppl wat are u talking about .... weed is no longer legal for tourists in amsterdam u now have to have something like a cannabis card to enter coffeeshops .... thats eversince 1-1-2012 (happy new year)
  10. yep im sure you will find weed but it wont be at a coffee shop. well not likely at one
  11. You can stay with me for a cheap price. If you don't mind being around a dutch stoner who has to get up for school really early and comes back really late because of work. Which means you've got the house all for yourself, which actually sounds pretty awesome even though that's not the point I'm trying to make.
  12. #13 Big_Bud, Mar 17, 2012
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    How can they not sell it to tourists the same as residents?

    Are you sure that law has come into effect already? I thought it was just a proposal so far.
  13. Dude!.... You gonna shag a hooker while you're out there? :ey:
  14. This is not true, do not listen to this guy.
  15. #16 Deleted member 519964, Mar 17, 2012
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  16. The Europa is a very good hotel
  17. My sister stays in the dam and is married to a dutch guy. This is a lot of shit most dutch people are against it and the Dutch get what they want.
  18. Why would they do that though? It's pointless.
    Whats going to happen with events like the cannabis cup etc?
  19. Just stay in a hostel, get your food from deli's. Live on the cheap and spend most of your cash on the smoke. Have a problem finding a hostel? Go to Centraal station and look around for the best deals for lodging. Thats what my friends and I did the 2 times we have gone to the Dam.

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