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  1. Is this site legit? Has anyone else ordered from them? If so, review the service.

    Also, what would happen to me if my seeds are found by customs? Would I be arrested?
  2. cant speak on that bank, but if customs seizes your seeds you will get your envelope no seeds with a note inside stating it's illegal to have seeds. but no ramifications:smoking:
  3. Are you sure about only getting a note? Have you experienced this yourself?
  4. no i have not myself, but there are multiple accounts of it here in seedbanks
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    Ok that is a plus. Although I would hate to spend $80 and get my seeds taken.
  6. I have personally ordered some Durban Poison from this place and received them in two weeks. The package arrived safely and they even sent a few free seeds along with my order. Now i have only been germin them for two days now, so far so good. I seed two sprouts of the four Durban's and three sprouts of the " Mystery Girls".
  7. AMS =F2s they are basically bulk from Nirvana... just FYI .. that being said they DO deliver.... and the free 20 can go along way for new grower ( hint: test al your sprouting/growing ideas on the freebies)..... you just do not get to pick breeders, which can lead to some problems..

  8. that is pretty sound advice from Wharfrat, AMS have been around for quite a few years and they have a pretty good rep for delivery but as already said - they do not provide anything special in the way or quality.
    As for customs - do not worry about it at all. WORSE case you loose your seeds:(

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