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Amsterdam 2013 : Myths + to go to coffeeshops.

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by EuroWeed, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Hello fellow blades , I decided to make a thread about Amsterdam since i saw alot of false information floating around the forums concerning the weedpass etc.

    First off let me introduce myself. I'm a 20 year old student in Amsterdam ( Audio Engineering ) and I've been living there for about 2 years now ( moved from Belgium ). I love to smoke and am pretty interested in coffeeshop culture in a whole. I try to keep up to date with all the marihuana news.


    - Tourist aren't able to buy weed in Amsterdam anymore
    = FALSE. The weedpass has only been introduced in the borders of the netherlands to limit drug trafficking. Amsterdam's mayor decided that tourist are still able to buy marihuana in the coffeeshops. Everyone is welcome for atleast another 3-4 years. I do not believe that they will ever close the coffeeshops.

    - Strains do NOT contain more than 15 percent THC.
    = FALSE. There have been rumors about a law that would limit the amount of THC in the marihuana but again , this law has been discarded.

    - You can smoke marihuana everywhere in Amsterdam
    = FALSE. There are certain red-zones where smoking marihuana is forbidden.
    The cops won't bother you though as long as you stay away from children or large crowded areas when smoking. You won't get a fine if you do , only a warning.

    - Marihuana is very expensive in Amsterdam
    = DEPENDS. The rule of thumb here is that the closer you are to Centraal Station , the pricier the weed is. Some coffeeshops ( Greenhouse , Barney's ) do charge somewhat more for their weed because of their brand name. Keep this in mind ! On the flipside , they do have some very good quality weed. It's up to the buyer !

    Last but not least i'd like to give a small list with some of my favorite coffeeshops. These have a really good price/quality ratio .

    De tweede kamer - AMAZING hash !
    Grey Area - Alot of variety + american strains aswell.
    Barney's - Blue Cheese nuff said.
    Easy Times - Really cool atmosphere

    Feel free to comment and leave your opinion or ask some questions !

  2. Cant wait to head over from AUS

  3. When are you coming? :)
  4. End of the year for our honeymoon my dads side of the family are from the netherlands would be cool to see where they are from and smoke some sweet euro herbs haha

  5. Awesome ! Have fun , and congrats on getting married ;)
  6. Great post. Thank you! Wish I had the money to go to Amsterdam, just for the culture. I can smoke weed here in the US.
  7. now i'm sad because i won't be able to go there for a few years yet. damn you insufficient funds. :(
  8. now is all hash in Europe that brick style? or do you see hash oil and wax and what not that us here in the medical states have access to?
  9. We do have some bho and oils but most of it is bubble hash !
  10. What do you mean by brick style ?
  11. its how i see alot of the hash processed over there. compressed into bricks. its my term for bubble hash.
  12. i wanted to go to amsterdamn, but it might be cheaper for me to go to colorado now ... haha
  13. Thank you Euro, I think both you and I have been posting in the same Amsterdam threads. Some people are just so dead set in their ignorant misinformed ways.
    And most hash is sold in the traditional forms such as dry sieved Moroccan or hand rubbed Indian charas, bubble hash is also available.
    Although I personally have heard mixed things about the availability of butane hash oil and isopropyl hash oils. Although I believe the bush doctor sells some (Im not sure if its BHO or QWISO)
  14. Yea for sure ! I figured someone had to make a unofficial post about some amsterdam myths ! Feel free to add more to the list !
  15. Amsterdam has alot of great culture though !
  16. Oh like that , depends on the coffeeshop though. Prix d'ami has some great nepalese hash
  17. Youll get there eventually ! Or go for a citytrip or something !
  18. For those of you saying you can smoke weed at home or just go to Colorado or whatever, I urge you not to rule out going to Amsterdam. I have been there and it's charm goes well beyond being able so smoke without interference from the law. The Netherlands is a foreign country, which makes it trippy as fuck to explore. Being high at home is nice but being high is a foreign country with crazy architecture and all kinds of unfamiliar things to see and do takes things to a whole 'nother level.
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  19. EuroWeed, whats the story with the law and coffee shops selling butane hash oils?
    What is the wax of The Bushdoctor never got a chance to pop in their but is it a extract or simple ice-o-lator

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