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  1. id like to know what the effects and dangers and types of amphetamines there are
  2. I've taken Provigil-made me feel like crap. I stopped taking it after two days. If it gives you a rash, that can be a symptom of a very dangerious reaction.
  3. OP, you need to do your own damn research. So many people post "what are the effect of ___ drug" threads when the info they want is easily available.

    Don't be a lazy ass and go look it up. You're the one doing the drug and you're the one who needs to look it up.
  4. Damn Drama, me and you must be havin some ESP shit cause we sure do seem to be thinkin alike tonight haha. I was half way through typin a post sayin tha SAME thing lmao! and seriously OP, GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND! :mad:
  5. Crap, I thought this was the amphetamine appreciation thread. I need to wake up.:eek:

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